Listen to an audio extract of Tribal Leadership for Agile Teams

On August 3rd, Steffan Surdek will present Tribal Leadership for Agile Teams during Agile 2015.

Listen to an audio extract:


The Tribal Leadership book introduces five stages that represent a range of behaviors that tribes (i.e.: groups of 20 or more people) act and think together. These stages range from Stage 1 where “Life Sucks” to Stage 5 where “Life is Great”. Most software development teams (and most workplaces) live in the three stages in between.

This talk takes the group development models presented in Tribal Leadership and helps coaches, Scrum Masters, team leaders and managers better understand some of the behaviors they may see every day in their Agile software development teams. Participants will experience and explore the stages in various ways such as through music and an interactive game called “Guess that Tribal Stage”.

“Steffan’s work really brings together the worlds of Tribal Leadership and Agile software development in an interesting way. I think highly of him and how he brings these worlds together in a clear and simple way.”

Dave Logan, co-author of the NY Times best-selling book Tribal Leadership

Most Valuable Professional 2015


Pyxis is very pleased to announce that Eric De Carufel was awarded the MVP title (Most Valuable Professional) by Microsoft for the seventh consecutive year. His technical expertise in .NET and his involvement in the community make him a key reference.

Most competent experts, MVPs are greatly involved in technical communities. They kindly share their extensive knowledge and expertise with people from everywhere. The MVP program is designed to recognize these independent experts and community leaders who share their enthusiasm, their technical expertise, and their knowledge of Microsoft products.

Today, there are over 4,000 MVPs across the world. They come from over 90 countries, speak more than 40 languages, ​​and annually respond to more than 10 million questions.