Pyxis /studio’s culture: A practical exercise

shutterstock_178324505Organizational culture is a fascinating topic, and one that is of interest to employees, managers, and entrepreneurs alike. University students scrutinize it in countless case studies. It is the subject of a number of research studies at the university and corporate levels. Everyone agrees that culture is an important factor in the success of an organization. However, no one really knows how to shape it at will. Despite the fact that no scientific means exist to quantify it, the members of an organization can intuitively measure its contents. Despite the fact that we all take an interest in the culture of our organization and its evolution, we seem to be more interested in what’s happening in other organizations. For all of these reasons, I decided to undertake the exercise of painting a picture of Pyxis /studio‘s culture. At the end of this note, we will be able to complete the following sentences: “Working at Pyxis /studio is…” and “Doing business with Pyxis /studio is…”

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Why opting for custom-developed software?


We live in an era where mass production is the norm. Going custom is not exactly “in”. Our consumer-driven society requires everything to happen quickly. We don’t have time to wait to get what we want. If we don’t see what we’re looking for on the store shelf, we immediately go somewhere else to find it. In this day and age, who has their clothes custom-tailored? If you do, it’s most likely because you have specific needs. Even in the real estate industry, custom is no longer fashionable. I live in an old neighbourhood where all the houses are radically different one from the other. The new districts now being developed are dotted with nearly identical homes. I have friends who live in such neighbourhoods. And I can only find their house by checking the address or by looking for a small telltale sign like the presence of their car or a basketball net in the driveway. Is it because their housing needs are identical? I doubt it. I think they accept compromises. Does your business have the same software needs as the others? Are you making compromises?

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How much is it to develop my custom software?


Evaluating the development of a custom software application

Never as much as nowadays IT solutions offered to SME were as various and as accessible. Solutions now exist for many standard needs. Whether for accounting, marketing, or customer relationship management, there is a wide range of software solutions allowing businesses of all sizes to find the ones they need at a good price without having to rely on a software development team. Software as a service (SAAS) applications are becoming increasingly popular since they allow to benefit rapidly from solutions and to control costs according to the company growth. However, the client’s needs are sometimes so specific and peaky that the solutions available do not meet them. That is when top managers have to turn to custom development.

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Is your business software a dinosaur?


Do you feel like you’re overtaken by new technologies? We live in a world where technological environments are continually evolving. It’s a long time since we could invest in a computer system and keep it as is for years. With the appearance of smart phones, tablets, and virtual-reality glasses (e.g. Google Glass), what used to work perfectly on our old computer is no longer sufficient. Clients want more. In addition to technological novelties, our nice providers of operating systems are trying to do more and more in order to remain competitive. For instance, every two years or so, Microsoft is proposing a new version. What can we do not to stay behind?

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