Guest blogger: Unlock your team’s learning—the vital asset of the team retrospective

bwgroupAlways having at heart the personal development of its team, Pyxis publishes a second guest blog from Rebecca Colwell (see first blog post).

Rebecca Colwell, from Ten Directions, presents the Next Stage Facilitation™ program. It is a3-day workshop that is designed to enhance our capacity to generate greater coherence and increased collaboration in the groups we work with.

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Congratulations Éric for your appointment as MVP!

Pyxis is proud to share with you that Éric de Carufel was named Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Visual C # for the 6th consecutive year. This nomination is a recognition from Microsoft for Éric’s involvement in the community sharing his technical expertise in Visual C #.

microsoft_mvp_logo2-191x300Microsoft MVP The sign is a Microsoft MVP awarded from Microsoft. According to the latter, ‘MVPs provide exceptional contributions to technical communities, sharing their passion, knowledge and expertise. In doing so, the MVPs receive notice and the needs of many other members and therefore are well placed to submit highly relevant feedback to Microsoft.

A matter of reflex

126429164A reflex is packed with a lot of things. Everything happens in an instant, without warning and without guarantee. This is a quick and often surprising event. We have several instinctive reflexes (sneezing, coughing, blinking, etc.) and others that are conditioned with time (not inherited, caused by an external stimulus). These can be trained, forged, by continuously repeating a scenario. We seek to obtain an accurate response in a given situation. As team member, coach, manager or any other person having to interact with others, we are confronted with reflexes. This is a topic I want to share in order to better understand it and be able to develop them according to our expectations.

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