5 tips for a good definition of “Done”

462235447In order for a product backlog item or increment to be “Done”, all team members must first have agreed on the definition of “Done”. Although the definition varies significantly from one Scrum team to another, members of a team must have a common understanding of completed work in order to ensure transparency and consistency.

The definition of “Done” is established by both the team members and Product Owner (PO) during the sprint 0. Its validation criteria may evolve throughout iterations, required improvements, and retrospectives.

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14 tips to have successful meetings with your distributed team

It’s well known, Agile approaches favor face-to-face conversations and collocated teams.However, depending on projects and 74579926clients, it is not always possible. Sometimes, team members are located in different places, have different cultures, and speak different languages. We do not always understand one another when in the same office; imagine when there is physical and cultural distance…

It is more complex to organize and conduct meetings when your team is distributed. Fortunately, current technologies ease communications. When organizing meetings for a collocated team, basic rules must be applied in order to be efficient. With a distributed team, the same rules are applied, but we must be more rigorous, and other techniques may be used.

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Nomination of Daniel Leclair

dleclair_thumb2The Board of Directors of Pyxis Technologies and President François Beauregard are proud to announce the appointment of Mr. Daniel Leclair as Chief Operation Officer. Experienced manager and early Agilist, he has over 25 years of experience in IT and management. Engineer and certified project manager, he has previously worked in project management, operations management, business development and strategic development in both the manufacturing and information technology industries.

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11 tips for maintaining a healthy backlog

Does my team need to do backlog grooming?149005635 What do I need to do to have effective backlog grooming sessions?

To maintain a healthy backlog, it can be very useful to have grooming sessions. The idea here is to schedule a recurring meeting with the team to discuss the stories to develop while having a long-term vision of the backlog.

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