How much is it to develop my custom software?


Evaluating the development of a custom software application

Never as much as nowadays IT solutions offered to SME were as various and as accessible. Solutions now exist for many standard needs. Whether for accounting, marketing, or customer relationship management, there is a wide range of software solutions allowing businesses of all sizes to find the ones they need at a good price without having to rely on a software development team. Software as a service (SAAS) applications are becoming increasingly popular since they allow to benefit rapidly from solutions and to control costs according to the company growth. However, the client’s needs are sometimes so specific and peaky that the solutions available do not meet them. That is when top managers have to turn to custom development.

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Is your business software a dinosaur?


Do you feel like you’re overtaken by new technologies? We live in a world where technological environments are continually evolving. It’s a long time since we could invest in a computer system and keep it as is for years. With the appearance of smart phones, tablets, and virtual-reality glasses (e.g. Google Glass), what used to work perfectly on our old computer is no longer sufficient. Clients want more. In addition to technological novelties, our nice providers of operating systems are trying to do more and more in order to remain competitive. For instance, every two years or so, Microsoft is proposing a new version. What can we do not to stay behind?

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Change in management at Pyxis



Laval, December 18, 2014.Daniel Leclair, COO of Pyxis Technologies, succeeds François Beauregard, founder of the company, as president, while Mathieu Boisvert becomes COO for Canada. MM Leclair and Boisvert have officially taken their new position on December 17th. As for François Beauregard, he will focus on the development of Pyxis’ European activities while remaining a strategic consultant to the Canadian market. Pyxis is a Quebec firm specializing in the design of software and organizational solutions that improve the lives of teams and users.

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Pyxis /studio at Stratégies PME

Last November, for the first time, Pyxis /studio’s team participated in the Stratégies PME event. Our technical consultants and developers were at our booth to meet with participants and present the benefits arising from developing their software products with our /studio. In fact, we had the opportunity to share the floor space with Reptiletech, our partner, to solidify our collaboration and increase the traffic at our booth.

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