Agile for Operations

Will your business be impacted by the increases in the minimum wage?

Do you think the only answer is to cut hours; staff and benefits?

We can teach you how to unlock the efficiencies of your staff and processes to avoid impending pinch on the budget of your small, medium or even large business.

Whether you are in health care, retail or manufacturing, our newly developed training course will help you understand and apply the Continuous Improvement techniques that have made Toyota the leader in the automotive world.

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Since the early 2000, some organizations have adopted Agile approaches mostly to better deal with the complexity of product development and many teams have shown the advantages of adopting Scrum and Lean methods.

Today, organizations often mistakenly believe that Scrum project management is the path to becoming an Agile organization. While Scrum is a very effective path for project teams to begin their Agile journey, it is not an effective tool for operations teams. These organizations are facing new problems like:

  • Having to learn to do more with less
  • Having difficulty achieving expected levels with Key Performance Indicators
  • Dealing with pressure to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies
  • Dealing with customer dissatisfaction
  • Having poor employee engagement levels and high turnover rates
  • Receiving negative feedback from operations teams who are provided with training which they cannot put to immediate use
  • Facing disillusionment with the Agile movement
  • Having customer service issues arising from operations activities which are not customer centric
  • Needing to engage in rework associated with the inability to recognize customer value requirements
  • Having the Operations teams stretched beyond productive limits by wasteful work practices

The Agile for operations course is designed to fill this gap in the Lean/Agile training spectrum.


The Agile for Operations course offers implementable solutions designed to provide relief to these struggling operations teams by providing:

  • An understanding of the Agile organization and the history of the quality and Lean movements
  • A comparative analysis of Agile, Scrum and Six Sigma
  • An understanding of the principles and values of the Agile movement (Agile Manifesto & Toyota Production System)
  • Practical strategies for Waste Reduction
  • Understanding of the concepts of Flow and Pull including an introduction to the use of Kanban boards
  • A repeatable model for the application of Continuous Improvement techniques including:
    • Identification and Engagement of key players
    • Defining the Problem state and Desired state
    • Measuring success

Pedagogical Approach

Through discussions, workshops and presentations of the best-known models on the market, participants will experiment and debate different techniques, methods and approaches as well as beneficiate from concrete learning that they will be able to apply in their organizational context.

What you will learn

  • History of Agile, Lean and Quality movements
  • Similarities and differences between Agile, Lean and Quality movements
  • What makes the entire organization Agile
  • The Agile Manifesto
  • Toyota/Lean Values
  • Understanding the 8 forms of waste
  • Apply the 5 S of the organized work place
  • Practice techniques for waste reduction/quality improvement
  • Ways to reduce delivery time
  • A5 reporting

Target Audience

  • Operations managers
  • Program managers
  • Senior management
  • Members of Front line operations teams
  • Small to medium business owners/managers in all industries including:
    • Retail
    • Manufacturing
    • Restaurant
    • Personal service
    • Health and Long term care
    • Etc.


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Elizabeth Warren 
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