Become Organizational Coach - Agile Career with Pyxis

Let your experience as manager talk. At Pyxis, we rapidly understood that, to make a success of Agile transitions, top management must also be coached during the process.

In our organization, we are open to new ideas and, with our colleagues, we think about innovative ways to take action. Furthermore, with us, you will be able to experiment new things, be yourself, focus on providing clients with impeccable services, and you will be treated respectfully.

Job description

Pyxis is seeking organizational coaches who will carry out projects for clients. They will be working with organizations who want to implement or improve Agile development practices.

Organizational coaches work directly with the managers of IT and business teams in order to help them assimilate, deploy, and apply Agile principles. They are skillful and able to manage change management whether at the beginning of a project or to put a project back on track. They have great communication skills and are able to adapt their speech to the hierarchical level to which it is intended.

At Pyxis, organizational coaches act as catalysts. They help team coaches and technical coaches to understand the stakes of projects. They also work with them towards finding solutions and providing adapted services.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Be able to diagnose a client’s initial environment (current situation), make recommendations, and provide coaching when starting up an Agile project or putting an Agile project back on track
  • Meet with stakeholders to understand their fears, challenges, and resistances in order to provide the appropriate support to help them succeed
  • Make managers sensitive to the requirements related to an Agile transition
  • Suggest required training courses, when necessary
  • Pay attention to meeting the client’s needs
  • Keep in mind the current and future context of the client to seize improvement opportunities
  • Form interest or discussion groups (communities) in order to assist managers in their development
  • Sit on the different project committees in order to train committee members and support them in their development
  • Know how to coach the client regarding accountability
  • Be able to follow the evolution of organizations and to suggest solutions adapted to their Agile maturity level


Organizational coaches have a broad experience in the management of software development teams. They know the impacts related to the implementation of new approaches within an organization. They are experts in relationship and change management.

To be a good organizational coach, one must have great communications and reconciliation skills. Organizational coaches easily find solutions that are adapted to the needs of the client organization. They also like to work in highly politicized environments. Their experience allows them to have a clear understanding of a company’s business needs, business processes, and organizational dynamics.

Send us your cv at [email protected] to apply.

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