Technology consultant

What is a technology consultant?
It is a top notch developer with coaching abilities.

What is there for you if you join our development team?
At Pyxis, you will be able to experiment new things, to be yourself, to focus on providing clients with impeccable services, and you will be treated respectfully. 

Why technology consultants?
At Pyxis, we carry out large-scale projects. We oftenly realize that teams need to improve their practices. That is when our technology consultants come into action.

We want to meet with you if you can easily diagnose technology problems and suggest the best solutions, but most of all if you like helping development teams make a success of their projects.

Job description

Known for their expertise and experience in engineering practices, technology consultants guide and help teams in charge of development projects. Their critical thinking helps the teams with their project’s technological problems and they bring answers to these problems.

At the end of our consultant’s intervention, the team is able to estimate work and to implement the solutions he or she suggested.

Technology consultants are experts in engineering practices who support teams by addressing technological problems. They help teams choose their tools and technological orientations. They contribute to the implementation of high-quality strategies and ensure that the teams know and master the engineering practices supporting iterative an incremental development.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Diagnose projects to ensure their success
  • Suggest solutions to problems
  • Suggest strategies for risk management
  • Coach teams in the adoption of Agile engineering practices
  • Give advice on the architecture, technologies, and tools specific to the project
  • Build development teams and work together with their members


Technology consultants have a critical thinking, a global approach, and analytical skills. They are able to suggest solutions that will allow to improve the ways things are done. In the past, they took part in various development projects where they made exceptional contributions.

Technology consultants are curious, self-sufficient, and flexible. They are technology experts who master one of the following technological series:
Java: JUnit, J2EE, Ant/Maven, Spring, Hibernate, Tomcat
.NET: NUnit/MSTest, ASP.NET, Unity, NHibernate, IIS/WCF, WPF/Silverlight
They have a great knowledge of Agile principles and practices, such as Scrum and XP, and also of software engineering practices, such as TDD and DDD.

Note: Even though our office is located in Laval, most projects are in Montréal.

Who are we?

We are /campus, /consulting, and /studio... Developers, coaches, trainers, architects, software engineers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, designers. And we share one passion: that is to transfer our know-how and deliver great software.