François Beauregard

Organizational coach

François founded Pyxis in 2000. His passion being software development and human organizations, he wishes to participate in projects achieving outstanding results and where the quality of life and personal satisfaction of all stakeholders are maximized. François acts as a coach, trainer, facilitator and senior consultant for organizations that wish to increase their productivity and adopt an Agile approach. In July 2002, with a few colleagues, he founded the Agile Montréal User Group, an interest group on Agile software development approaches. Wishing to further his organizational exploration, François has recently settled in Vancouver, where he continues to implement Agile approaches in addition to practicing and developing an organizational approach for Open Participatory Organizations with Triaxiom9, a member of the Pyxis network.
Choosing to act on "what matters" is the choice to live a passionate existence, which is anything but controlled and predictable.

—   Peter Block