Jean-Sébastien Sladecek

Agile consultant

During his career, Jean-Sébastien has played many roles, including that of developer, software architecture consultant, and project manager. His experience acquired over the years allows him to always be in control throughout the process of implementing IT systems. Working since 1997 in systems development and consulting services, he has been using Agile approaches since 2006 and is a certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM I).

As an Agile coach and Scrum Master, he guides teams who wish to adopt Agile methods to carry out their projects optimally.

A coach is always a coach, they say. So, during his spare time, Jean-Sébastien is also coaching a football team.
Time is not something that we have, it’s something that we take, so why put off until tomorrow what could be done today?.

—   Jean-Sébastien Sladecek