Follow-up regarding the Agile Finance conference dinner

On November 16th, took place the first Agile Finance conference dinner. This event was conducted by Nathalie Desautels, and its goal was to reunite IT professionals working in the financial field in order to create a community of interest. Agile Finance wished to form a discussion group so people in Finance could share their experience to become even more Agile and discuss the positive results.

4 conferences

During the event, Guillaume Bertin from Morgan Stanley and Christian Dubé from PSP Investments shared their experience of Agility in the financial field.

James Lapalme from ÉTS talked about the scientific foundation of Agility, and Guillaume Soyer from Pyxis presented the coaching challenges and opportunities within the context of an Agile transformation.


Rounds of discussions allowed participants to share experiences and talk about what they’ve learned as well as of the opportunities for their respective organization. Moreover, they had the occasion to propose their ideas to stimulate the growth of the Agile Finance community.


We would like to thank all those who contributed to the success of this fruitful event; i.e. Nathalie Desautels, Christian Dubé, Guillaume Bertin, Guillaume Soyer, James Lapalme and everyone who attended.

Thanks to Pyxis, Croesus, Alten, Morgan Stanley and CGI for sponsoring the conference dinner!

En attendant le prochain événement, nous vous invitons à consulter notre dossier sur Agile  Finance.

Stay tuned for the next event, meanwhile you can read our dossier on Agile Finance.

Bye for now!