Pyxis and ProKanban.org join forces to offer certified Kanban training!

We are very pleased to announce our partnership with ProKanban.org in order to offer you new certified courses that will keep you up to date with Agile approaches for all the teams in your company. We are the first official Canadian partner with ProKanban.org.

Kanban allows teams such as marketing, finance, communication, HR, etc. to use a strategy to optimize their own workflows, while implementing proven Kanban flow principles and practices.

In an effort to always keep you up to date and provide you with current training, ProKanban.org has emerged as the ideal partner of choice.






About ProKanban.org.

ProKanban.org provides learning material, training, and assessments to help people and teams find practical starting points for optimizing the way they deliver what their customers want when they want it. Our growing community of Professional Kanban Trainers teach our approved courses that help teams fully experience how to put Kanban into practice through simulation games and the practical application of simple metrics.