Pyxis, 2000 to 2005 – Developing software differently and friendship as a starting point

Pyxis Technologies was created in 2000 by three friends who loved software development: François Beauregard, Alain Chaput and François Dénommée.

All three founders were developers at Pyxis, which originally was a development studio.

From the start, the first three partners to join the team were driven by a desire to do things differently. This desire to do things differently was rooted mainly in a dissatisfaction with their early career experiences.

With the autonomy gained by the start of Pyxis, they were quickly confronted with the question: how to do things differently? “We had not yet grasped to what extent this urge to do things differently would lead us to also be different”, to live differently “says François Beauregard. The first contacts with Agility through readings, mainly on Extreme Programming, were overwhelming and a powerful invitation to experiment. This tendency to experiment, sometimes radical, is a characteristic of Pyxis that we find at several points in the adventure.

From then on, Pyxis decided to approach software development by integrating an Agile approach and to start the Agile community of Montréal in 2002. Let’s remember that at the beginning of the 2000s, Agility was emerging, and it did not have the good reputation we all know today. This choice will prove to be wise for the future since the company was quickly recognized as a benchmark for Agile development company in Québec. We can say that we are among the pioneers of Agility in Quebec.

In fact, Agility has been the driving theme for Pyxis throughout its history until today. One way to show the evolution of Pyxis is to recognize the agility shown by its members during each period of this adventure.

The first Agile Montréal meetings attracted small groups of around ten people. It was the visit of Ken Schwaber, co-founder of Scrum, in 2003 that gave the community a first big boost. We could now hope to gather around thirty people for the monthly meetings. The Agile movement continues to grow and with the support of Pyxis and other partners, Agile Québec was born in 2005. At the same time, Pyxis continued to develop and create software for its customers. Using valuable experiences gained, new services emerged such as training and the first consulting mandates. François Beauregard was the first French-speaking Scrum Alliance trainer in 2004. Through its hybrid service offering between software development, consulting services and training, Pyxis comes out of these first 5 years with great momentum for the future.


The occasion to mark the 20th anniversary suggests organizing multiple occasions for convivial reunions with those who have been in contact with Pyxis throughout its adventure. Reuniting means, among other things, giving each other news and being carried away by conversation. We may not be able to resist the urge to invite each other again to change the world and maybe write a few blog posts. As Emmanuel Godo write, “Our societies are in dire need of utopias. The conversation is the last one we have left. Suspended between nothing and almost nothing, we believe it to be insignificant. However, by conversing, we try to maintain, between ourselves and our fellows – sometimes so dissimilar! -, a quality human bond. Without seeming to be, we are engaged in our conversations in an incredible task: we are building, there, in the ephemeral, the ideal society that policies, laws, ideologies seem incapable of building. We give shape to our dream of humanity. Against the disillusioned sirens that tell us the world is headed for disaster, our conversations attest to our unwavering faith in a collective project: a society of free, genuinely individual and open men. ”.


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