Story of Pyxis: 2005 to 2010 – Pyxis Technologies takes the turn to Agile software development

The first years allowed Pyxis Technologies to make a place for itself within the developer community, but also to become known as an initiator of Agility. As a forward-thinking company, Pyxis invests in research and experimentation of new development practices. This is how Pyxis Technologies took the turn to Agile software development, by adopting and putting into practice the Agile values. At the same time, the Agile movement in Québec was gaining momentum and was starting to flourish in many organizations. 

In order to continue to meet the growing needs of its clients, the Laval-based company decided to expand its service offering with coaching, training, product development and software creation. Pyxis Technologies acquires the necessary tools to assert itself on the market and to help its clients reach their full growth.

Towards new horizons

In 2006, the organization diversified its activities and launched the first product in its Green line, GreenPepper. The Green solutions catered to at all organizations that carry out software development and are designed to help teams implement Agile software development methods. They are proof of the company’s Agile expertise. 

In September 2007, the second product of the Green family was unveiled, GreenHopper.



Did you know?

GreenHopper and the contest that changed everything.

Jean-Christophe Huet, a developer at Pyxis Technologies at the time, decided to participate in a contest to create a plug-in for the Jira platform. At the time, he was far from imagining that his participation in this contest would change the face of the company for several years to come.

Jean-Christophe participated and won the contest with the GreenHopper plug-in which offers users an intuitive interface for Agile project management while increasing visibility of work progress. 



Pyxis Technologies grows internationally

In 2007, Pyxis Technologies decides to export abroad and opens its first office in Paris, France, following numerous requests for coaching and training from a high potential market. The new office in Paris allows the company to expand its market coverage and to address the French-speaking European markets. It is under the Canadian presidency of François Beauregard that a new chapter of the brand begins.

Pyxis Technologies France (Oddes), whose head office is located in Canada, has three employees and provides services to the company’s French clients. 

New brand image

During this period, Pyxis Technologies decides to adopt a new visual identity and moves away from the software development image. Its logo evolves with the addition of the bamboo . The company opted for a more human positioning that focused on well-being. This change in direction led to a lot of questioning and an identity crisis internally. Were we still a software development company or had we become an Agile training company?

It was during this pivotal period that the management decided to innovate with the establishment of a cooperation where each employee becomes a shareholder of the brand.

Pyxis Technologies has a solid expertise in Agile software development processes. Since its beginning in 2001 in the IT industry, the Agile movement has grown significantly. These work methods are now known to produce better quality systems at a faster pace. More and more companies want to adapt Agility. Pyxis Technologies is well positioned to meet these needs because it has carried out many projects in Agile since 2002 and is recognized as a reference in the French-speaking world. In addition, the company has the only two French-speaking certified Scrum Master trainers and is the only one able to offer Scrum courses in French, namely the internationally recognized title of Scrum Master.

Discover the rest of the Pyxis story in the next article that will cover the period from 2010 to 2015.

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