Agile development

Application software developed according to your specific needs can accomplish certain tasks more efficiently and thus increase the profitability of a process.

In fact, using the newly developed software should require less effort than the manual process it replaces.

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Agile coaching

Our consulting services help you maximize the effectiveness of your software development teams as they evolve towards ever greater Agility. We also support the launching of new project in addition to fostering the adoption of best practices.

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Agile training

We offer training in which those seeking new ways of doing things can meet expert consultants and be better equipped to adopt Agile methods. Opting for a Pyxis curriculum is essential for attaining your objectives and ensuring your success.

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Our most popular courses
Management 3.0

The Management 3.0 training course allows to understand different ways to support the organization and manage it with leadership in order to get the most out of this approach.

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Professional Scrum Master

Acquire the Scrum Master’s skills and knowledge in order to maximize the value and productivity of your team. This course allows those who wish to apply Scrum to understand its mechanics and implications.

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Professional Scrum Product Owner

Maximize the return on investment (ROI) and optimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your products and systems.

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Discover our software development /studio

Our highly experienced development team is always looking for interesting new projects. Our expert developers and consultants help create value quickly and achieve growth objectives while maximizing the potential of individuals. We offer leading-edge expertise in product development as we have developed several well-established products.

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