Why you need the Pyxis Québec team

The Pyxis Québec team specializes in supporting Agile and Agile Lean organizational transformations. We work on all levels of the organization: business strategies, project management offices (PMOs), architecture, project management, and development teams. In addition to coaching, our offer also includes process optimization and training

We value the importance of the individual, pragmatism, Agility, constant pursuit of excellence, and commitment. We work with you in achieving your goals so that results, quality of life, and pleasure coexist in your teams.

Our vision: we wish to transform organizations to make them more human, bold and relevant.

We are now ISO 9001-2015 certified.

Our interventions are adapted

to your specific context and needs.

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Governance and
Agile-Lean project
management offices

For programs that yield more strategic results faster:

  • Agile Lean organizational transformations
  • Implementation of an Agile project management office
  • Workshops, coaching, and training

Value driven

To mobilize toward the best business solutions:

  • Business and product strategy development
  • Project prioritization by business value
  • Reorganization of the performance-based reporting
  • Workshops, coaching, and training

Team dynamics and visual management

To stimulate the teams’ full potential:

  • Team performance diagnostic
  • Collaborative Agile work
  • Rituals, roles, and artifacts
  • Building Agile teams
  • MID radar
  • Workshops, coaching, and training

Efficiency of the
Agile Lean processes

For sustainable strategic gains in the complete value chain:

  • Kaizen and Sig Sigma diagnostic to optimize the processes
  • Continuous velocity and quality management using Kanban
  • Workshops, coaching, and training

Quality is considered a fundamental component of all the interventions conducted by the Pyxis Technologies team in Quebec. In a constant concern of guaranteeing and improving it, we are commited to:

  • supporting organizations and teams in a transformation process towards more human, bold and relevant work, while seeking to surpass their expectations in terms of results.
  • provide services that incorporate effective, recognized and continually improved methods to remain at the forefront of agile expertise.
  • provide our employees with an energizing and safe work environment that fosters professional growth, creativity and collaboration.

Strategic and organizational coaching

With a vast organizational, strategic, and product management experience, our coachs work with your management and development teams in order to:

  • Develop successful products in an Agile environment
  • Support the Agile reorganization of your business structure
  • Revise your business models considering an ever-evolving market
  • Guide your leaders with change management
  • Ensure the alignment of the production teams with the business vision
  • Manage the performance of your teams and business portfolio

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Team coaching

Our team coachs help project and continuity management, project managers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and teams to:

  • Develop their skills to become self-sufficient as quickly as possible
  • Make the most of Agile approaches
  • Deliver in accordance with the process, deadline, and expected costs
  • Get more dynamic and efficient teams

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Our most popular courses
Professional Scrum Product Owner

The PSPO course teaches people how to maximize the return on investment (ROI) and optimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) of products and systems.

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Professional Scrum Master

Acquire the Scrum Master’s skills and knowledge in order to maximize the value and productivity of your team. This course allows those who wish to apply Scrum to understand its mechanics and implications.

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Training from the back of the room

Take your training skills to a more advanced level as you discover how the human brain really learns, which is very different from traditional assumptions about learning.

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Pyxis Organizational Coach

The Agile transformation at Revenu Québec gives the opportunity to completely rethink work environments, performance markers, as well as collaboration and management values.

Revenu Québec — Agile Transformation

Mathieu Boisvert

Agile Coach and COO at Pyxis

The SQI’s experience is, for me, a great demonstration of the benefits that large-scale projects reap from using Agile methods even with limited resources while respecting the constraints of public bodies.

SQI — Agile Transformation