Our consulting services help you maximize the effectiveness of your software development teams as they evolve towards ever greater Agility. We also support project startups in addition to fostering the adoption of best practices.

Our interventions are adapted

to your specific context and needs.

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Remote Working

Free diagnostic

  • Change and challenge management for distributed teams.
  • Sharing best practices for teleworking.
  • Cohesion and team dynamics.
  • Elimination of friction points.
  • Facilitation of collaborative work.
  • Retrospectives and performance indicators.



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Implementation of organizational Agility

  • Adoption strategy and change management
  • Performance measures
  • Portfolio management by business value
  • Leadership of self-organizing teams
  • DevOps relationship coaching

Agile coach

Development of top-level leaders

  • Iterative project management
  • Development of high-value products
  • Improvement of business processes and operations
  • Agile modeling and architecture
  • Team coaching


Team coach / Scrum Master

Creation of collaborative and efficient teams

  • Self-organization, transparency, constructive disagreement, and collective intelligence
  • Agile engineering practices
  • Meeting and problem solving facilitation as well as conflict management

We improve the responsiveness and performance of organizations at all levels.

Becoming Agile for the right reasons
  • Greater client satisfaction
  • Increased productivity
  • Better risk management
  • And much more
Our strategies are adapted to your organization.

We mitigate the challenges of Agile transitions.

Agility has a positive impact on the organization.
  • Change in the corporate culture
  • Improvement of communication channels
  • Collaborative work environments
  • And much more

Anastasia Ivanova

Transformation Director at L'Oréal Canada Consumer Products Division

Our commitment to bringing Agility to L'Oréal Canada has been around for some time. Pyxis was the ideal partner to accompany us, train our teams and carry out this mission successfully.

L’Oréal Canada adopts the principles of business Agility

Yves Gagnon

Chief Executive Officer of Technicost

The Pyxis training allowed us to accelerate the implementation of the Scrum methodology in our processes leading to a greater flexibility in the development of new applications and new products by our team.

Technicost Development Team Adopts Agile Scrum Methodology

Pyxis Agile Coach

Right from the beginning, the managers took on the challenge of self-organization. This allowed to rapidly adapt the process and structure through the growth.

Investment Fund — Agile Transformation

Pyxis Organizational Coach

The Agile transformation at Revenu Québec gives the opportunity to completely rethink work environments, performance markers, as well as collaboration and management values.

Revenu Québec — Agile Transformation

Rémi Bertrand

Production Manager at Reptiletech

The biggest benefit of working with Pyxis is adaptation: they stuck to our realities and offered comprehensive support. They really understood our business issues.

Reptiletech — Agile Transformation


Agile Coach and Trainer at Pyxis

The SQI’s experience is, for me, a great demonstration of the benefits that large-scale projects reap from using Agile methods even with limited resources while respecting the constraints of public bodies.

SQI — Agile Transformation

Some of our clients

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