Agile Approaches


Dive quickly into the Lean Agile universe and see how these approaches respond to the current challenges of a complex world through a mindset, values and principles focused on value and people.

This half-day course combines theory and interactive discussions to allow everyone to (re)discover the basic concepts of Agile and Lean, as well as some of the most commonly used frameworks and practices such as Scrum, Kanban or Scaled Agile.

Duration: 3 hours

Target audience: Anyone wishing to discover Agility or to revisit the basic concepts.


  • Discover the context of Lean and Agility emergence
  • Question one's knowledge and preconceived ideas about what an "Agile Approach" is
  • Explore the concepts of Lean, Agile, Scrum, Kanban and Agile at scale
  • Discuss with an expert Agile consultant who shares his/her work experience and answers questions about the participants' specific contexts.


  • Presentation of the emergence context of Lean and Agility
  • Introduction to Agile principles and values (Agile Manifesto and Modern Agile)
  • Overview of Scrum
  • Overview of Kanban
  • Overview of Agile at scale (SAFe, LeSS, Nexus, DA)
  • List of practices and tools

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