Agile architecture, analysis, and modelization

Duration: 2 days

Target audience:

  • Architecture managers
  • Analysts
  • Technical leads

Unit price: $995

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  • Learn to balance upstream elicitation and emerging approaches
  • Learn to mitigate technical risks with Agile approaches
  • Learn how self-sufficient and multidisciplinary teams use architecture requirements
  • Learn to design solutions and write analysis documentation iteratively and incrementally
  • Learn the impact of Agile approaches on the role of the architect and analyst


  • What is software architecture and what are its different forms?
    • The challenges of risk mitigation and complexity management
    • The role of architects and analysts
  • What are Agile approaches?
    • Overview of the Scrum method
    • Benefits and impact of Agile approaches on the role of the architect and analyst as well as on the analysis discipline
    • Differences between waterfall and Agile methods
  • Emerging analysis principles
    • Balance between anticipation and adaptation during the tasks resulting from elicitation
  • Systemic vision
    • Determining what is sufficient to initiate development work
    • Workshop: Analysis practices and high-level deliverables, such as the vision board, project charter, product canvas, story mapping, as well as layer and context diagram
  • Requirements management
    • Product backlog tool and collaboration with the Product Owner
    • Planning according to business criteria and technical considerations
  • Writing the requirements
    • Empirical writing of quality requirements
    • User story tool
    • Different techniques: breaking down stories, Kano, spikes, INVEST, Scrum’s and Sashimi’s definition of "done"
  • Project follow-up
    • Use of Scrum’s inspection points to achieve the product’s objectives
    • Increment acceptance during the sprint review
    • Improvement of practices during the sprint retrospective
    • Quality and technical debt management with the product backlog
  • Agile documentation
    • Empirical writing of documents
    • Reduction of the writing effort and documentation waste
    • Documentation technique according to the deliverables’ life cycle and usefulness
  • Role of the Agile architect     
    • How to exercise leadership within an Agile context
    • Delegation according to both the topic and context
    • Scott Ambler’s Architecture Owner: behaviour and responsibilities
  • Role of the Agile analyst
    • How to contribute as an analyst within an Agile team
    • Collaboration with the development team and Product Owner
    • Behaviour and responsibilities


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Olivier Dumas
Banque Nationale
Great training given by a professional who is very competent and obviously experienced!

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