Agile for Operations

Also know as Business Improvement 101, this course is designed to take teams from Struggling to Successful and from Good to Great.

Companies exist to provide value yet in most of them, only about 8 to 10% of time is spent performing services that customers would be willing to pay for. As a world leader, Toyota works at closer to 40% of time spent on creating value. Make your company more profitable by focusing on value delivery instead of firefighting, problem resolution and rework.

Learn and apply the human principles required to create a culture of Continuous Improvement & Continuous Growth.



2 days

Specific Learnings

  • How Agility is applied to Operations teams
  • Understand & apply all 14 Toyota Principles
  • Understand the relationship between the Agile Manifesto & Toyota Principles and Values
  • Focus on Value
    • Deliver Value
    • Value your people
    • Live by Values
  • Learn strategies for an Agile Organization:
    • Waste reduction
    • Continuous Flow
    • Kaizen boards
  • Learn techniques and values to drive meaningful conversations that:
    • Foster respect
    • Create Transparency
    • Eliminate judgement
    • Promote idea sharing
    • Encourage creativity
  • Learn tools for creating solutions:
    • 5 whys
    • Process mapping
    • PDCA
    • Visual management
    • Go See
    • And many more...

Simple CI workshop
Learn the repeatable process for Continuous Improvement based on the Toyota Principle of “Gain consensus slowly”

Define a Problem Statement that is:

  • Simple (1 to 2 sentences)
  • Does not place blame
  • Designed to create buy-in
  • Does not jump to solutions
  • Measureable
  • Appropriately sized

Understand the Pain

  • Understand the why the problem needs to be solved
  • Drive alignment based on mutual pain resolution
  • Understand how to measure “pain” points
  • Create future measures of success

Define a Desired State that:

  • Paints a picture of what life will be like when the problem is resolved

Identify the Players

  • Impacted teams & tools
  • Engage them in a common solution
  • Align all to the common problem and desired state
  • Prepare to move to the Plan/Do/Check/Act Cycle

Pedagogical Approach

Through discussions, workshops and presentations of the best-known models on the market, participants will experiment and debate different techniques, methods and approaches as well as beneficiate from concrete learning that they will be able to apply in their organizational context.

Target Audience

  • Operations managers
  • Program managers
  • Senior management
  • Members of Front line operations teams
  • Small to medium business owners/managers in all industries.


« Simple Continuous Improvement section was very useful. »
Elizabeth Warren 
UR Channel Broadcasting Company

« Excellent course for business teams! »
Raymond Cheong

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