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In an increasingly competitive labor market, being Agile for a company means being able to react to an environment which is more than ever volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Hence, this training is aimed at Human Resources specialists and consultants, as well as managers at all levels.

You are a CEO, a manager, a teamlead, etc. and you want to better understand how Human Resources can support you while implementing Agility within your company, or in your team?

You want to know how Human Resources can be a catalyst and a cultural amplifier where Agility can thrive? 

You are a Human Resources specialist, or consultant, who have completed an Agile training for HR, and yet, still have the feeling that you lack of concrete steps to implement Agility? 

You act as a HR specialist, and want to better support your manager who has the desire to embrace Agile principles and methodologies, while being seen as strategic rather than a barrier to their right to manage?

You wonder how to better support your company to create more value for the clients, while considering human at the heart of your interventions? 
At the end of the training, you’ll have a better understanding of the different leverages the HR can use to amplify Agility, thus supporting managers to see employees as a living whole, a group of people who think, who have ideas, who are creatives, in short, who have the ability to become agile.
Topics covered during the training

You will leave with concrete tolls, methodologies, study cases, as well as answers for the following questions you might have:

  • Why RH should be included in Agile shifting?
  • How HR can be an ally in launching as well as sustaining Agility?
  • How assumptions about HR limit the success to implement Agility, and how limit these assumptions?
  • How to change the perspective of HR being an administrative service, hiding behind policies and processes rather than being seen as strategic? 
    How to break silos hence amplify Agility?
  • What are the biggest barriers to the success of Agility in companies?
  • How to go around the cultural dynamics that come into play and limit the success of shifting?
  • How to create key behavior indicators and measures that allow teams to see if values are respected as well as show up in action?
  • How to increase day to day engagement, elevate the performance, keep people wanting to be part of the company success, thus creating more value?

Duration: to be determined

Target Audience

CEO, managers, leaders, HR specialists, change management and organizational development specialists, consultants, wanting to learn how to implement or amplify Agility as well as empower people to work as a team. 

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