Agile Lean through practice

This dynamic one-day workshop allows participants to experience all the steps related to continuous improvement and see the results first hand.

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  • Understand and apply the basic methods and principles of Agile Lean
  • Understand and apply the basics of Agility and Kanban to create a high-performing environment
  • Experience the processes’ added-value optimization cycle
  • Be able to recognize the different types of Lean wastes
  • Concretely experience the implementation of an Agile Lean solution

What you will learn:

  • What is Lean?
  • What are the differences between a Lean approach and an Agile Lean approach?
  • What are the typical sources of waste?
  • What are the tools and principles to leverage from both Lean and Agile approaches to improve our projects?

Target audience:

  • Delivery teams
  • Project leaders
  • Scrum Masters
  • Process engineers
  • Team managers



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