Co-creative leadership workshop

More and more, leadership is no longer about what people know but rather about how people behave. Leaders need to put more emphasis on their own personal development in order to create workplaces that are more motivating and engaging for the people around them.
Leadership is a term that is currently evolving in organizations. In many companies there is a belief that people with leadership are strong, directive and get things done. Unfortunately this type of leadership tends to create conformity instead of employee engagement.
Co-creative leadership encourages leaders to work in a way that is more engaging and collaborative with their teams. This experiential 90 minute leadership development workshop is designed to help participants learn about co-creative leadership by experiencing the impact for themselves of collaborating with with other co-creative leaders.
Through this workshop, participants will explore the five key skills of a co-creative leader: 

  • Being a voice among many in the conversation
  • Unleashing the leaders around them
  • Building the capacity of their teams
  • Dancing with the system around them
  • Encouraging their teams to learn by doing 

Participants will learn about co-creative leadership through a mix of conversations and experiential workshops. They will find many new ideas and new practices to improve their leadership at work. 

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1 day

Learning objectives

  • Participants will get new insights on their own leadership style
  • Participants will learn about co-creative leadership and the five key skills of a co-creative leader
  • Participants will be able to start applying systemic thinking to their every day work life
  • Participants will learn different techniques to be a better participant or better lead group meetings in a way that facilitates co-creation with the people around them
  • Participants will learn how to experiment daily in a more structured way with their teams 


  • Introduction​ : why are you in this workshop? What is the main question you want to answer in this workshop?
  • What is co-creative leadership​? Why does this matter? What are the five key skills of a co-creative leader?
  • Skill #1: Being a voice among many in the conversation​. In a group conversation, are you the voice with the last word or can you build on top of the ideas of others?
  • Skill #2 : Creating and unleashing leaders around them​. Can you see the leadership potential of the people around you? Are you giving them opportunities to express their leadership?
  • Skill #3 : Building the capacity of their teams​. Do you get a good sense of what you team is able or unable to do? How do you help them learn?
  • Skill #4 : Dancing with the system around you​. Are you able to lead inside a system that is blurry and emergent or do you need to define the entire journey before getting on it?
  • Skill #5 : Encouraging your teams to learn by doing​. Do you emphasize on taking small concrete actions and learning from them or do you always need to get it right the first time?
  • Conclusion​: What did you learn in this workshop and what will you do differently now?  

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