Create your feedback culture

Creating your feedback culture 

The nimble bubble Feedback Training Center, in collaboration with Pyxis, supports your team in creating a strong organizational culture of feedback.

This training is held in private group settings only.
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As a team, you complete 4 virtual training workshops of 2 hours each, for a total of 8 hours. The workshops will be intertwined with a minimum of 2 weeks of practice in your daily life. The learning will thus be much more anchored (at nimble bubble, we just don't believe in going back to everyday life as a changed person after only training!) since you will give your brain the chance to absorb it more easily and you will be able to apply in your reality.

Micro-content is in the spotlight in each of these workshops to allow participants to learn in action. You will thus be led to make individual reflections, paired in dyads of exchange, launched in moments of practice and invited to do laboratories independently in your daily life.

  • Workshop 1: Asking for and receiving feedback
  • Workshop 2: Receive feedback, appropriate it and act
  • Workshop 3: Giving feedback supporting development
  • Workshop 4: Giving positive feedback that has a significant impact

Targeted audience

This training program is for your team if they want to:

  • Putting human-centered feedback at the heart of your daily life
  • Involve each member of the team in creating an organizational culture of feedback
  • Create a motivating and optimal work environment to have a positive impact on the performance and well-being of the team
  • Make benevolent leadership a standard practice in the organization
  • Equip yourself with benevolent and courageous tools to offer continuous negative and positive feedback

No prerequisites are required to start the workshops, and all team members are welcome to participate as feedback is a daily shared responsibility.

Learning objectives

  • Act on a daily basis according to the different key behaviors related to the feedback impact competency: ask and welcome, receive and act, and give feedback
  • Use the optimal model to courageously offer constructive feedback that supports development and motivation and does not hurt
  • Demonstrate optimal recognition to team members to support their motivation to repeat positive behaviors in the future


Joëlle Sarrailh, who is a coach and facilitator at nimble bubble, is enthusiastic about coaching teams to create a strong organizational culture of feedback by facilitating workshops at the nimble bubble Feedback Training Center.




To learn more about the nimble bubble workshop series, check out the syllabus here.

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