The DevOps movement is enjoying a wave of unparalleled popularity and the term itself is becoming increasingly overused and abused, to the point of losing its meaning. This course therefore begins with a return to basics and will address the issues and needs that are at the origin of the gap observed between development and operations.
It continues with an overview of the DevOps spectrum which helps to understand the multiplicity of business realities. Finally, several tools, practices and team building strategies are presented in order to compare the advantages and disadvantages. Stimulating workshops then make it possible to unify the concepts presented.


2 days

Target Audience 

This course is intended for all actors involved in the development, testing, delivery and operations for services, applications and any other components or stages of software development. Due to the organizational nature of the issues, the training is also very beneficial for managers and executives.
  • System administrators, Automation Specialists
  • Developers, Quality Managers
  • IT, Operations and Development Managers and Directors


  • Wanting to know more about the DevOps philosophy, its goals and its implementation within an organization
  • Wishing to deliver quality software, repeatedly and in general harmony
  • Having openness to change and empathy towards colleagues
  • Seeking the unification and convergence of the objectives of the departments of a company
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Learning Outcomes

The objective of the course is to provide participants with a solid foundation in order to begin or continue to apply the DevOps approach within their organization. Participants improve their understanding of the issues and problems that DevOps is trying to address.
In addition, they discover strategies for establishing collaboration between the various actors in the development process by identifying common key objectives. They get an overview of the available tools and their usefulness in order to accelerate a transition to DevOps.
  • The systemic and historical problems that DevOps is trying to solve
  • The challenges of development and operations for software products, from the perspective of each of the different players
  • Upstream quality improvement (Shift Left) during development
  • Best practices and tools for applying the principles of Shift Left
  • How to detect and avoid organizational obstacles that hinder regular, fast and smooth delivery of software products
  • Set key measurable and common objectives between the operations and development teams

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