Facilitation for successful teams

(The training "Introduction to facilitation" has been renamed to better highlight the powerful levers shared to beginners as well as more experimented facilitators.)


A facilitator is a leader who has an influence on the quality of groups, teams, and organizations by creating conditions for richer, more satisfying, and more efficient collaboration and engagement.

Developing the capacity to facilitate addresses the real complexity of our communications seeking to motivate people, to make them effective, to find a common language, to stimulate innovation and to create a good team dynamic, while focusing on our goals. Facilitation then leads us to develop our ability to listen, to be fully present and to guide people toward more comprehensive discussions.

Duration: 1 day

Target Audience: Scrum Masters, coaches, project managers, leaders or anyone wishing to improve communication between individuals and work teams. 


Introduction to facilitation is a first contact with the development of these capacities. As a result of the training, participants will be able to directly apply the knowledge they gained.

The interactive format allows integrated learning while adapting the training to participants.

Learning outcomes

  • Demystifying facilitation and the role of a facilitator
  • Expanding the ability to take other perspectives to welcome a diversity of viewpoints
  • Having a greater understanding of facilitation practices
  • Supplementing conversations with key practices
  • Understanding and experiment different facilitation tools and processes


The intention

  • Making visible and sharing the group’s intention
  • Guiding the conversation according to the intention
  • Understanding your motivation and that of others

Considering perspectives

  • Exploring and making perspectives visible
  • Naming
  • Reframing
  • Synthesizing
  • Reflecting

The facilitor’s presence

  • The facilitator’s stance
  • Linking people and ideas
  • Emotional intelligence (recognize and name)


  • Group operating rules
  • How to give good instructions
  • Using and preparing the physical environment

Some readings on facilitation:

Being a facilitator
Facilitating your organization

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