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Many Scrum Masters feel ill-equipped when it comes to putting theory into practice. For other, more experienced Scrum Masters, the aim is to breathe new life into their practice and develop it even further. 

With a radical focus on practice, sharing expertise and experiences, FOCUS Scrum Master is a series of five half-day training sessions that enable Scrum Masters to enhance the objectives of their meetings and implement different techniques for supporting the group by adopting a more suitable approach. 

Our innovative approach provides a collective learning experience over several weeks, enabling participants to apply the skills they have acquired on a daily basis. 



Five half days 


Target audience 

Scrum Masters


We chose focal points of Scrum events (Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Review and Retrospective), inspection and adaptation activities, and Scrum keystones that bring all stakeholders together. 

The Scrum Master's role is to ensure that everyone benefits as much as possible from these meetings. Scrum Masters must understand each event's objectives and be able to implement different techniques to support the group by adopting the most suitable approach. 


Learning objectives 

At the end of this series of training sessions, Scrum Masters will know how to: 

  • Prepare and support participants as they prepare for each event (Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Review and Retrospective). 
  • Facilitate Scrum events so as to gain the greatest benefit from them.
  • Choose the right approach and activities for the circumstances. 
  • Convey Scrum theory to their teams in a simple and attractive way. 

Long-term group learning will provide everyone with the support of a network of experienced practising pairs and trainers in case difficulties arise. 



As participants, you attend five afternoon sessions that follow a simple structure, allowing you to maximise sharing and practice:

  • Welcome, sharing experiences and 'real world' lessons learned since the last meeting; 
  • Brief theoretical reminder of the day's topic carried out by the participants themselves (and supervised by the trainer) according to the format of their choice, in order to practise communicating Scrum to their teams; 
  • Sharing experiences, successes and difficulties on the theme of the day, followed by practical exercises and scenarios designed to help acquire expertise. 

Between each session, participants are encouraged to implement their learning. 

Sessions are held every two weeks, according to the schedule provided on registration. 



  • Level 1 certification (CSM, PSM): solid knowledge of the Scrum framework is required as the course focuses on practice. Very little theory will be provided and participants are expected to be familiar with this already. 
  • For Scrum Masters throughout the course: participants must implement their learning and share the results of their Scrum Master experience. 
  • Be available for one to two hours a week: a variety of individual and group work will serve to supplement face-to-face learning. 

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