Frugal Innovation

How to generate innovation while respecting social and environmental concerns.

Duration: 14 hours
Targeted audience:

Any public sensitive to the concept of agility in business and how to practice it in respect of the environment with the creation of economic, social and ecological value by using fewer resources

  • Leaders,
  • Managers,
  • Coaches,
  • Consultants,
  • anyone wishing to understand and practice Frugal Management


Frugality is an approach of creating economic, social and ecological value with fewer resources. It is characterized by ingenious simplification and agility in order to solve a critical problem. It's affordable excellence that allows businesses to do more with less.

The frugal management approach makes it possible to make simple, robust and durable products, to restore power to creativity, to save time and material resources, to adopt unconventional thinking to find appropriate solutions, to integrating the notion of circular economy and aiming for continuous improvement while respecting the environment.


  • Become familiar with this approach and its 6 principles
  • And this by practicing it through impactful tools
  • Become aware of the possible links with your professional daily life
  • And leave with leads that can be applied quickly in your organization.

What you will learn

Online - Remote & Hybrid: online training sessions and work outside the sessions. 80% practical & 20% theoretical. Training from the back of the room.

  • During: 4 online workshops of 3 hours to cover all the chapters below
  • After: At the end, practice of the Frugal Management game for its application in your professional environment

Session #1: Innovation & Frugal Management

  • What is Innovation or Frugal Management,
  • The 6 principles of Frugal Management

Session #2: Leveraging Constraints & Changing Scarcity with Abundance

  • Take advantage of constraints: Seek opportunities in adversity: a frugal model is born of constraint, it integrates it
  • Changing scarcity with abundance: notion of scarcity, doing more with less

Session #3: Being Agile & listening to your intuition

  • Being Agile: flexibility, response in a VUCA world
  • Listen to your intuition: empathy at the service of the customer, intuition at the service of innovation

Session #4: Keep it simple & integrate the excluded

  • Make it simple: bring out simplicity in a complex universe
  • Integrating the excluded: social and environmental responsibility (CSR), products accessible to all



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