Green IT - Eco-design of Digital Services

Sustainable digital, or Green IT, refers to all the actions implemented to reduce the environmental, social and economic impacts of digital on an organization's scale. All major areas of the information system are concerned: workstations, printing, networks and telephony, data centers, and even the more sustainable design of the organization's software and digital services, not to mention responsible IT purchasing, end-of-life management of equipment (electronic waste), and the governance and management of this approach.

The Eco-Design of Digital Services training refers to the design and development of digital services in order to minimize their environmental footprint. 

For example, by reducing energy consumption, minimizing the use of non-renewable resources and reducing the production of electronic waste, the designers of a digital service effectively reduce associated impacts such as the eutrophication of aquatic environments, soil acidification, climate change, etc. Standardized at the international level, this ecodesign approach also includes the design of services that encourage sustainable behavior and environmental awareness among users.


The Ecodesign of Digital Services (ECO) training allows participants to :

  • Understand the eco-design approach of digital services and the underlying standards via the eco-design of a website
  • Know how to situate this approach in relation to the responsible design of digital services, Green IT and responsible digital;
  • Make the link with other facets of responsible design such as RGPD, digital accessibility, technical debt management, etc. ;
  • Acquire the fundamental ecodesign reflexes and know how to project them in the digital domain in which you are an expert (web, software, services, etc.);
  • Master the methodology and tools for eco-designing a digital service;
  • Know how to evaluate the performance and environmental maturity of a digital service.


This training leads to an internationally recognized certification "Ecodesign of digital services" developed by the collective. This certification is available in French and English (only one language per certification session).


17 hours over 2.5 days from training to certification


No pre-requisites required
This course is designed for technical and non-technical profiles.
Ideally, you should have already taken part in a software or website design / development project.


Technical and non-technical profiles, all stakeholders of a digital service: 

  • Project manager, 
  • product manager / product owner, 
  • Business analyst 
  • Functional analyst, 
  • UI, 
  • UX, 
  • designer, 
  • graphic designer, 
  • developer, 
  • architect, 
  • administrator, 
  • operations manager, 
  • etc.


  • Understand the challenges of sustainable development applied to digital technology;
  • Evaluate the potential of ecodesign to reduce the associated ecological footprint;
  • Master the general principles of eco-design standards for digital services;
  • Master the different tools: methodologies, databases, tools and extensions, etc.
  • Identify priority best practices adapted to each stage of the life cycle;
  • Put into practice during individual and group analysis workshops;

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