Green IT - Life Cycle Assessment

Sustainable digital, or Green IT, refers to all the actions implemented to reduce the environmental, social and economic impacts of digital on an organization's scale. All major areas of the information system are concerned: workstations, printing, networks and telephony, data centers, and even the more sustainable design of the organization's software and digital services, not to mention responsible IT purchasing, end-of-life management of equipment (electronic waste), and the governance and management of this approach.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is the only internationally recognized method for assessing the environmental impacts of ICT. It consists of studying the different stages in the life of a product or service, from the extraction of raw materials to the end of the equipment's life, including its manufacture, use and recycling. The objective is to understand the main sources of impact and to define the actions to be taken to reduce them.

By following this LCA and digital training course, you will have the opportunity to master LCA standards, to apply them to digital domains, to carry out an environmental assessment of a digital service or an information system via a simplified LCA screening type and to identify eco-design levers. You will thus be able to contribute to a more sustainable world by implementing ecological practices in the field of IT.


The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) training allows participants to :

  • Master the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) standards;
  • Know how to apply the methodology to the different fields of digital technology;
  • Perform the environmental assessment of a digital service via a simplified LCA screening type;
  • Identify eco-design levers.


This training leads to an internationally recognized certification "LCA and digital" developed by the collective. This certification is available in French and English (only one language per certification session).



17 hours over 2.5 days from training to certification


This training is intended for technical and non-technical profiles.
Ideally, you should have taken the ECO or GRI training course or have mastered the fundamentals of responsible digital technology and/or have already taken part in a project involving the design, implementation and management of an IT project.


Anyone wishing to acquire a solid methodological basis for quantifying environmental impacts in the digital domain.
In particular :

  • Computer scientist 
  • Software and website designer/programmer,
  • CSR manager,
  • Buyer of intellectual services,
  • Product manager / product owner


  • Understand the stakes of LCA;
  • Master the standards and regulatory framework associated with LCA;
  • Define the objectives and scope of the study (system boundaries, cut-off criteria, etc.);
  • Choose the appropriate tools, impact factors and indicators;
  • Collect inventory data;
  • Evaluate the impacts;
  • Interpreting the results of an LCA;
  • Pass the "LCA and digital" certification.

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