Human Ressources and Agile Reality


This training aims to explore the new role of human resources (HR) in an Agile organization!

In an increasingly competitive job market, becoming Agile allows companies to better react to environments that are increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. This training is intended for human resources specialists and consultants as well as managers from all company levels.

Would you like to know how HR can be a catalyst and amplify the culture of Agility?

Are you a human resources specialist or consultant who has taken Agile HR training, but you lack the concrete aspects of Agile implementation?

Are you an HR specialist looking to support your manager in their desire to implement Agility and its methodologies, while being seen as a business partner and not as a hindrance to the company's management rights?

Are you wondering how you can help your organization create more value for its customers while ensuring the human element remains at the core of all its actions?

At the end of the training course, you will have a better understanding of how to apply different levers to amplify Agility and thereby help management in their choice of direction when considering employees as a living organism; a collection of people who think, who have ideas, who hold vales and who are creative. These are all elements that cannot be controlled, but which have the power to make them agile.

Topics covered during the training

You will leave with concrete tools, templates, case studies and most importantly, we will have answered many of your questions including:

  • Why should HR be included in the adoption of Agile transformation?
  • How can HR be an asset when implementing and maintaining the Agile transformation?
  • How can preconceived notions about HR limit the success of Agile implementation? How can we limit these assumptions?
  • How can we change the way employees and management view HR and shift their perspective of it from an administrative service that hides behind policies and processes to a more strategic view of HR’s role?
  • What are the biggest obstacles to a successful implementation of Agile in an organization?
  • How do we get around the cultural dynamics that come into play and limit the success of the transformation?
  • How do you increase engagement and improve performance while keeping employees motivated to be part of their organization's success and create more value?


Duration: 2 days


Intended audience:

Specialists in human resources, change management or organizational development, and consultants who want to learn how to implement or increase Agility and empower teams to work together.

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