Immersion Program - Professional Scrum Product Owner

As a Professional Scrum Product Owner, you are responsible for ensuring that the right product is built to meet the needs of your customers and stakeholders. You work closely with the development team and the rest of the organization to maximize the value of the product.

PSPO training is designed to help you become a more effective Product Owner with the knowledge and skills to succeed in your role. We offer two modes of delivery: traditional classroom training and an immersion program.

Immersion Program

The immersion program is an alternative format that presents the same content as the traditional lecture-based Professional Scrum Product Owner training, however, it allows students to apply what they have learned in their real-world environment. This format is enhanced by incorporating retrospectives for improvement, making the learning experience very effective and practical.

An immersion program is a method of learning in which students actively apply their knowledge in real-world settings during the program over an extended period of time. During the program, you will work with a real team on a real product, giving you the opportunity to immediately apply what you have learned and make positive changes in your environment.

Benefits of the Immersion Program 

  • Gain hands-on experience by applying what you've learned to your real-world context
  • Immediately make positive changes in your environment
  • Experiential learning in the classroom allows you to gain valuable practice in a safe environment before experimenting in your real-world context.
  • Collaborate with peers to create a dynamic learning environment that exposes you to a variety of ideas and ways of thinking, deepening your understanding of classroom topics.
  • Reflect on your learning with each other and with the Scrum Professional Trainer to make improvements and gain deeper insights.


Eight half-day interactive group class sessions spread over 8 weeks, guided by a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) will provide you with:

The opportunity to attempt a professional Scrum assessment
Assignments to apply the learnings in your real work environment with inspection and adaptation in collaboration with your peers and your Scrum Professional Trainer.
To enroll in the immersion program, you will need to:

  • Commit to applying what you've learned and be prepared to conduct small experiments on the job throughout the learning experience
  • fit a half-day class session once a week into your schedule and focus independently on intersession work
  • gain knowledge, practice it in a safe environment, and then apply it
  • learn enough to try something quickly, then inspect and adapt to improve and grow.

Traditional lecture format training

Our PSPO course is also offered in a traditional format. This is a two-day classroom experience that provides a comprehensive overview of the PSPO role and responsibilities. This format is ideal for learners who are committed to taking ownership of their learning experience that depends on full and active participation over a short period of time find it easier to fully focus on the course and learning over two consecutive days prefer to learn as much as possible in a short period of time learn best through discussion and conversation with peers and the instructor want to gain a broad understanding of the subject matter and use this as a foundation for further independent learning.

The traditional classroom course includes

Two days of classroom training guided by a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST)
The opportunity to take a Professional Scrum assessment
Regardless of the training method you choose, our PSPO training will help you improve your product ownership skills and become a more effective member of your organization. Register today to take the first step toward achieving your goals!


Feature Immersion Program Classroom Program
Length 24 hours in 8 sessions over 8 weeks 16 hours in 2 days
Format Intensive, hands-on training Interactive classroom training
Location On-site or remote On-site or remote
Audience Experienced Scrum practitioners already using Scrum Beginners to experienced Scrum practitioners
Certification Yes, requires passing a certification exam Yes, requires passing a certification exam
Curriculum In-depth exploration of Scrum framework, roles, and practices Overview of Scrum framework, roles, and practices
Instructor Experienced Certified Scrum trainers with real-world experience Experienced Certified Scrum trainers with real-world experience ​
Cost Higher cost due to longer duration and intensive nature Lower cost due to shorter duration and more general curriculum


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