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This training is now available online!

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This technical workshop covers the core Azure App Service concepts and guides you to build, deploy and monitor Web applications and is the ideal starting point to understand and use Azure effectively. You’ll experience several demos and "live coding" activities and be provided with the code throughout the workshop, as you learn how to build, deploy and monitor Web apps on Azure.

This workshop's content and live activities includes NodeJS with Visual Studio Code and C# with Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio. The live coding activities will run on Windows, MacOS X and Ubuntu. It doesn't matter if you're using .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby or something else, back at work, simply use the Azure SDK for your specific platform and the concepts you'll have learned will still apply.


2 days

Download the syllabus

Target Audience

  • Developers (C#, Node, Java, PHP, etc)
  • Architects / Lead developers

What you will learn

* Topics with hands-on “live coding” activity

Day 1

  • Azure overview & Cloud use cases
  • Making sense of pricing *
  • Using Azure
    • Using the Azure Portal *
    • Using the Command Line Interface (CLI) *
    • Using the CLI from VS Code *
  • App Service creation, understanding resource groups *
  • Deployment
    • Publishing using FTP *, Zip file, Code *, Visual Studio *, local GIT
    • Staged deployments using deployment slots *
    • Continuous integration with GIT * and other source control systems
  • Azure Storage concepts
    • Understanding storage redundancy and replication
    • Access keys *, connection strings *, shared access signatures *, access policies
  • Using the Storage Explorer *
  • Using the local Storage Emulator *
  • Using Storage Blobs to store binary data *
  • Using Storage Tables as a NoSQL data store *
  • Using Storage Queues to decouple workloads *

Day 2

  • Cloud messaging using Service Bus *
  • Selecting the right queuing service for the task at hand
  • Background tasks with Web Jobs
  • Collecting and analyzing app telemetry using Application Insights *
  • Troubleshooting using the Kudu tools *
  • Serverless
    • Going serverless with Azure Functions *
    • Understanding durable functions
    • Create serverless workflows with Logic Apps *
  • SQL Database
    • Understanding DTUs and planning capacity
    • Create logins and users *
    • Migrate existing data using the Data Migration Assistant
    • Using SQL Operations Studio *
  • NoSQL with Cosmos DB
    • Understanding Request Units and planning capacity *
    • Using the local emulator * and the data migration tool
    • The importance of the partition key
    • Understanding geo-replication
    • Using the SQL API to query documents *

Workshop Setup

The live coding activities have been tested to run on Windows 10 Pro 1809, Mac OS X 10.14.4 Mojave and Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS

The following setup is required on your laptop to attend this workshop:

  • An active Azure subscription (a trial account is OK)
  • Windows 10, Mac OS or Linux
  • Node.js
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Azure CLI
  • Azure Storage Explorer
  • Azure Data Studio
  • FileZilla or another FTP client
  • Postman
  • Optional - Cosmos DB local emulator (Windows only)
  • Optional - Data Migration Assistant (Windows only)

For .NET developers on Windows

  • Visual Studio 2017 or 2019 Community, Pro or Enterprise with the latest updates and the following Workloads installed:
    • ASP.NET and Web development
    • .NET desktop development
    • Azure development

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