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Give value to your Goals - Coach OKR

The OKR framework is an agile framework allowing all employees to support the company's vision. OKR is an easy-to-understand, hard-to-apply approach to creating alignment and commitment around measurable goals. The goal is to get everyone moving in the same direction, with clear priorities, at a steady pace.

The OKR Coach training is the third level of the OKR course: Give Value to your Goals.
You will discover the fundamental elements for a successful OKR transformation at the level of an organization or several teams.
Beyond the appropriation of the framework, the OKR coaches support the organization in the development of a transformational culture, this last level proposes to approach the various levers of the OKR transformation.

Duration: 15 hours

Targeted audience:

  • OKR Leader,
  • OKRChampion,
  • OKR Master,
  • Change agent,
  • Consultant,
  • Coach,
  • Product Manager
  • Anyone involved in the adoption of OKRs


Having followed OKR - in practice

What you will learn:

This training takes place in a hybrid format of online personal study and group workshops.

Before: Reading, videos and exercises between each session (from 30 minutes to 1h30 between each session)

During: 5 online sessions of 3 hours to cover all the chapters below

  • Session #1: The OKR Coach
    • Postures of the OKR Coach: definition of the role and appropriation of the different postures necessary for this role,
    • Self-leadership: embody the postures of a transformational leader
  • Session #2: OKR culture
    • Learning Corporate Culture: Corporate Culture & Emerging Change Management,
    • Sponsor Coaching: How to Conduct One-on-One Coaching Sessions for a Transformational Leader
  • Session #3: Training in OKRs
    • Define and build OKRs training courses relating to each audience: targets and issues, educational engineering,
    • Pollination levers
  • Session #4: Initiate the adoption of OKRs
    • Preparing for your management seminar: Acculturation to OKRs and alignment with strategic OKRs
  • Session #5: Animate the deployment of OKRs
    • Animation of events: nested cadences, cross-functional initiatives, and documentation
    • Deployment options: processing team and/or pollination system


  • Coach the adoption of OKRs within a company or a team
  • Initiate a process of continuous transformation

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