OKR the Fundamentals & OKR in Practice

OKR the Fundamentals & OKR in Practice

The OKR framework is an agile framework allowing all employees to support the company's vision. OKR is an easy-to-understand, hard-to-apply approach to creating alignment and commitment around measurable goals. The goal is to get everyone moving in the same direction, with clear priorities, at a steady pace. 

This training will allow you to discover the OKRs at your own pace and obtain the first two levels of certification of the OKR course: Give Value to your Objectives, namely OKR the fundamentals and OKR in Practice.

Validation of learning – certification

This training leads to recognized international certifications:
2 exams of 60 minutes each with single-choice questions in English
Certification fees are included in the cost of training

  • OKR The Fundamentals: OKR – Certified Professional – Certiprof©
  • OKR in Practice: OKR Master Certified Professional & OKR Champion Certified Professional – Certiprof©



Asynchronous: 2 to 6 hours of individual work (e-learning, deep dive topics, mock exams)
Synchrone: 3 online collective workshops of 3h30

Targeted audience

The OKR - The Fundamentals & in Practice training applies to anyone wishing to understand management by objective - OKR - at the level of the company, a department, an entity, a team, a product, a service, etc.
For instance :

  • Leaders,
  • Collaborators who are members of product teams,
  • Product Owners,
  • Product Managers,
  • HR,
  • Managers,
  • Coaches,
  • Consulting,
  • PMO



What you will learn:
The purpose of this training is to teach you how to write key results that measure your business progress and understand how to define OKR scoring and measurement. You will also learn the OKR cycle and its meetings, as well as how to conduct quarterly and mid-term reviews for cross-functional learning. After gaining enough knowledge, you can play the role of OKR Master or OKR Champion and implement OKRs.
This training takes place in a hybrid format of online personal study and group workshops

  1. OKR – The Fundamentals
    E-Learning – 1h30 to 3h30 (solo and at your own pace - asynchronous)
    • Why initiate OKRs? : Managerial paradigms & goal setting, OKRs & Agility, Measure what matters
    • OKR: The fundamentals: Definition & Characteristics, Anti-Patterns, Writing OKRs
    • Manage OKRs: Roles, Rhythms, Practices and Tools
    • Leading Transformations with OKRs: OKR & other target systems, non-strategic OKR business, Cultural Changes
    • Deep dive topics: to go further on certain subjects outside of certified content
    • Access to mock exams: to prepare for your exam (qcu 40 questions in English, validation with 60% correct answers)
    • Workshop #1 – Writing your OKRs (3h30 in group)
  2. OKR – In Practice
    E-Learning: Access to content in French for the double OKR Master certification
    & OKR Champion (solo and self-paced - asynchronous)
    • Reminder and Deepening of level #1: Introduction, definition and alignment,
      management of OKRs
    • Deep dive topics: to go further on certain topics
    • Access to mock exams: to prepare for your exam (qcu 40 questions in English, validation with 80% correct answers)
    • Workshop #2 – Mission and Business Strategy Canvas (3h30 in group)
    • Workshop #3 – Facilitation and Visual Management of OKRs (3h30 in group)


  • Discover the OKRs,
  • Learn to write them
  • Understand how to animate and implement them at the organizational and collective levels

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