Practicing the art and science of agile and participatory conversation

Duration: 1 day

Price: Pay what seems right to you between 150$ and 750$

Target Audience: Leaders

And if leadership within an Agile and participatory organization was:

  • To propose generative conversations which would probably not take place otherwise
  • To create spaces for open reflection in the heart of organizational life
  • To have the ability, readiness and courage to engage and maintain improvised, fluid and open conversations that are not managed through a structured program
  • To master the art and science of feeding conversations that foster the emergence of significant actions and creative projects

In fact, we could say that being a good leader is about embracing conversation as an art and science. A central objective of the workshop is to suggest a significant change in our view of the role that conversation plays in organizational life.

Nowadays, in the dominant discourse we consider that conversation is a backdrop to more important activities through which we design and manage our organizations. Conversation is simply seen as the means of conveying what we should focus on. Instead, during this workshop we will work with the assumption that the very activity of conversation is a key process by which:

  • Organizations are predictably unpredictably supported, developed and transformed
  • Power dynamics enable and constrain
  • Individual and collective identities are being expressed and transformed

The workshop will essentially consist of putting into practice and reflecting on this point of view.

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