Prioritize product initiatives with confidence

Prioritizing the next initiatives is one of the biggest challenges when building a building a Digital Product. We have lots of ideas, from lots of different various sources.

How do we continually prioritize initiatives and ideas? How How can we take into account new learning, adapt to the changing needs of our needs of our market, and integrate new strategic directions for the company? strategic directions of the company? How do we align teams and stakeholders on the same priorities on the same priorities to maximize efforts?

Having a simple and repeatable prioritization process allows for a clear decision framework while framework, while maintaining a maximum level of adaptability and aligning the entire the entire organization around common priorities. Everyone knows, at all times everyone knows what the priorities are at all times, and is able to understand the updates to these priorities.

This experiential training will teach you how to implement a simple and repeatable prioritization process that will help achieve business objectives and user and user needs. You will be able to create roadmaps that are aligned and alignment, and that can be quickly adjusted to changes and evolutions.

Who is this training for?

All executives, leaders, team managers, product managers product owner or anyone who wants to put in place a simple and repeatable framework to align stakeholders, teams and their efforts in the same direction.

Duration: 2 days

  • Asynchronous: 3h to 6h of individual work (e-learning, preparation putting into practice)
  • Synchronous: 3 online experiential workshops of 3h30

Format & Activities

  1. Pre-assessment - become aware of current strengths and situation.
  2. E-learning - introducing concepts and concrete examples of the tools that be manipulated during the workshops
  3. Workshops - immersive and practical exercises to practice on cases
  4. Putting into practice - practice to validate what you have learned and be certified.
  5. Self-assessment - become aware of the evolution and learning.

What you will learn

This training will enable you to prioritize your initiatives and align teams and stakeholders:

  • Define and clarify expected business impact
  • Prioritize next initiatives and features, with a simple and repeatable repeatable process
  • Be able to prioritize all initiatives against each other, regardless of size
  • Ensure team and stakeholder alignment
  • Communicate effectively and explain changes in priorities

Topics & Tools

  1. Evaluate current functionality
  2. Manage the flow of ideas
  3. The art of saying "No."
  4. A repeatable prioritization process (with OKRs and RICE Score)
  5. Building a roadmap to validate and communicate top priorities
  6. Communicate fine-grained iterations with the User Story Map. 


Linky Product Certification
Delivered to each participant having completed the e-learning, actively participated in the
experiential workshops and completed the practical application with the coach.


Valentine Hoyet
Co-founder and Product Manager Coach @LINKY PRODUCT 

Valentine is co-founder of Linky Product and Product Leader, with a solid experience in UX design. Always having the human in mind when making a decision, she is a very talented Product Manager and a natural leader.

Valentine has worked in a diverse set of international companies: Capgemini, Orange Business Services, BDC, Ubisoft... She knows how to handle product challenges in large companies with large customer bases. She also coaches many startups and scale-ups in the Montreal and Toronto ecosystem.

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