Professional Scrum Developer .NET or Java


Become an Agile developer benefiting from a unique and intensive experience. The course guides teams on how to turn product requirements into potentially shippable increments of software using the Scrum framework and modern software engineering practices.

Duration: 3 days

Target audience:

This course is intended for programmers, testers, database developers or architects wishing to become Agile.

Unit price: $2995


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  • Turn product requirements into functional software

  • Learn how to apply the Scrum framework correctly

  • Master software engineering practices

What you will learn:

Attendees will learn how to do Scrum correctly while being coached and critiqued by the trainer, in the following topic areas:

  • Form effective teams
  • Explore and understand legacy “Brownfield” architecture
  • Define quality attributes, acceptance criteria, and “done”
  • Create automated builds
  • How to handle software hotfixes
  • Verify that bugs are identified and eliminated
  • Plan releases and sprints
  • Estimate product backlog items
  • Create and manage a sprint backlog
  • Hold an effective sprint review
  • Improve your process by using retrospectives
  • Use emergent architecture to avoid technical debt
  • Use Test-Driven Development as a design tool
  • Setup and leverage continuous integration
  • Use Test Impact Analysis to decrease testing times
  • Create and manage test plans and cases
  • Create, run, record and play back manual tests
  • Setup a branching strategy and branch code
  • Write more maintainable code
  • Identify and eliminate people and process dysfunctions
  • Inspect and improve your team’s software development process 

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