Scrum through practice


Plunge into the world of Scrum and experience its various ceremonies. This course is an introduction to Scrum. It comprises workshops that allow live iterations.

Duration: 1 day

Target audience:

  • Managers, Product Owners, and project managers
  • Architects, developers, and quality assurance specialists
  • Scrum Masters

Unit price: $750

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The "Scrum through practice" course plunges you swiftly into the Scrum universe.This one-day course presents practical workshops that will simulate the reality of a project carried out using Scrum. Participants will have the opportunity of experiencing the various Scrum ceremonies in a concrete manner, and together they will produce all of the artefacts related to this approach while being accompanied at each stage by an expert who is actively taking part in the implementation of Scrum in organizations.

What you will learn:

  • The foundations of the Scrum framework through simulation exercises
  • What is collaborative work in self-organizing teams


  • Agile approaches and introduction to Scrum
    • Agile manifesto
    • Agile principles
    • The 4 pilars of Scrum
    • The Scrum development
  • Planning and starting with a sprint 0
    • Definiton of the roles
    • Backlog ordering
    • Writing of user stories
  • Starting the first sprint
    • Sprint planning
    • Determining acceptance criteria
    • Daily scrum
    • Sprint review and sprint retrospective
  • Continue with the development and continuous improvement
    • Velocity
    • Sprint burndown chart
    • Backlog grooming sessions

This course is perfect for a private session in your organization. It is available in three versions to recreate accurately the specific context of your business.

“Paper prototyping” version
Participants will develop a website on paper and will experience every stage related to Agile software development.

“LEGO®” version
Ideal for people who do not work in IT, this version allows you to experiment Scrum and see how it applies to projects other than those related to software development.

“Video game” version
To fit the particular context of the video game industry, this version of the course proposes the creation of a game rather than the development of a management product

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Very good and very useful; enlightening and unifying!

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