Facilitation is everyone’s business!

Spoiler Alert! Facilitation is for everyone, whether you are in marketing, communication, human resources or finance, all departments of the organization would benefit from this kind of training. Here’s a look back at a rich learning experience that made me a better person.Recently, I had the pleasure of participating in three facilitation courses offered by … Continued

A new director in the Pyxis training center

Mathieu Hétu joins Pyxis as director of the training center. Mathieu will be in charge of developing and executing a growth strategy for the next few years and developing the training potential in order to meet the increasingly varied and specific needs of companies and individuals.   About Mathieu Hétu: Trained as a developer, Mathieu … Continued

What do urban planning and digital transformation have in common?

The evolution and sustainability of a company often requires a digital transformation. But how do you manage such a project while dealing with the problems encountered with aging technology, carry out day-to-day operations and review the company’s structure and infrastructure? This kind of challenge is often compared to the analogy of fixing the plane in … Continued

Bell renews its agreement with Pyxis to train its employees

We are very pleased to renew our agreement with one of our most loyal clients. Since 2017, Bell trusts Pyxis and our expertise in agility to train their employees. Sharing the same values of agility, Pyxis offers a multitude of training courses as well as new courses including the Kanban method and facilitation. You want … Continued

The expansion of Pyxis: from 2010 to 2015

While Pyxis had experienced significant revenue growth in recent years, in 2011 the company faced heavy internal challenges that led to a major restructuring. This marked a difficult period  in the history of the company that still leaves vivid memories in the minds of employees. — Did you know? In May 2011, the idea of … Continued