Agile team coach

At Pyxis, you will be able to experiment new things, be yourself, focus on providing clients with impeccable services, and you will be treated respectfully. You will also be supported by our team of expert coaches. Pyxis has been coaching development teams for over 15 years. You wish to coach Agile teams, we want to meet with you!

Job description

Pyxis is seeking Agile team coaches who will carry out projects for clients. They will be working with organizations who want to implement or improve Agile system or software development practices.

Agile team coaches work closely with Scrum Masters to develop and perform activities allowing skills development for team members and improvement of development processes. The role of the team coaches is to share their experience and observations with all team members and to make sure that best practices are being used. Agile team coaches see to the overall objective cohesion of projects involving many teams.

The objective of the team coach is also to help Scrum Masters develop their skills in order to rapidly become self-sufficient and benefit from Agile approaches. More specifically, the team coach supports starting-up projects, gives advice to improve the application of Scrum, and spreads best practices. He promotes and facilitates the adoption of Agility within teams in a cohesive manner .

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Carrying out Agile coaching or transition projects at the clients';
  • Helping teams implement Agile development approaches;
  • Coaching Scrum Masters to help them get familiar with their role;
  • Remaining at the leading-edge of Agile development practices and contributing to their diffusion.


  • Minimum of 3 years of experience as Agile team coach or Scrum Master;
  • Over 10 years of experience in IT;
  • Proficiency in both English and French (spoken and written);
  • Experience as a consultant (asset).


Team coaches have experience in project or team management, whether traditional or Agile. They know the mechanisms of software or system development processes and methods.

In order to meet their challenges, team coaches must be self-sufficient, versatile, passionate and dynamic. They must show diplomatic and facilitation skills as well as have the ability to resolve conflicts.

Please note that spoken and written French is a requirement. 

How do I apply?

Please send your résumé to

We reserve the right to contact selected candidates only.