Specialist/Expert Digital- Agile Consultant

You are driving by the challenges clients think they are insurmountable, and it gives you the desire to exceed their expectations.  

You are full of innovative ideas; therefore, you can find simple solutions which meet clients’ needs.

Agility is one of the tools among a wide variety toolbox you use to accompany the client towards their success. 

Still hesitating? You might be pleased by the following information!

What if we told you that starting tomorrow, you could be part of a team working with clients, world established leaders in their industry? This could be so nice to add to a resume, right?... however, between you and I, our goal would be for you to never want to update your resume, once you join the team!

Do we dream on? Not really… At Pyxis, our structure, is a flat organization, with real opportunities to thrive on a daily basis. Here, human being is in the heart of our DNA!

Job description

Pyxis is expanding. Therefore, we’re looking for specialists and experts who will typically work on projects across industries and functions while actively contributing to our intern team’s life and development.

In your role, you’ll have to:

  • act as a coach/accompanist within teams in organizations that want to improve their practices or adopt new ones;
  • work closely with clients to elaborate and implement team member skill development and process improvement activities;
  • share your expertise, ensure the application of best practices, and ensure the cohesion of the overall objective of projects involving multiple teams.

On a strategic level, you’ll have to:

  • accompany key persons within organizations;
  • facilitate information and skills dissemination in order to contribute to mobilize.


If you’re up to the challenge, here are some of them you’ll have to face:

  • Taking charge of customer relationship in a context of transformation or support;
  • Guiding the client in the diagnosis process in order to identify the issues;
  • Co-creating plans with the client to help them exceed their ambitions;
  • Defining with the teams and the organization, the best possible approaches as well as the practices to be implemented in order to be in line with the industry’s standards;
  • Facilitate training and exploration workshops which create value while involving stakeholders.
  • Raise organization awareness around issues that could occur following a transformation, and guide them so they can adapt to their new reality.
  • Improving your knowledge and skills to always stay ahead of the industry.

Our Culture- a few examples to give you a taste of it!

Our Culture is based on our Manifest, whose values are in the heart of our interventions, and are conveyed in each of our actions.

  • You have ideas? We want to hear them!
  • You have questions, concerns? We want to know about it!
  • You make mistakes from time to time? You’ll learn from these!
  • You want to work in an environment where laughs and fun are encouraged? It’s a crucial condition at Pyxis!
  • You want to keep on learning? For Pyxis, your professional development is essential and part of one of our Manifest values.
  • You really want to feel that you’re part of the team? You’ll learn everything on everyone within the organization in a fun and original way!

Your profil

  • Significant experience with management alternative practices (Agile, Lean, Leadership, coaching);
  • Demonstrated experience at driving medium to large transformations from design to implementation;
  • Hold a university bachelor's degree (asset) combined with progressive skills development in organizational development, coaching or change management. Other combinations of education and experience may be considered;
  • Possess strong interpersonal, communication and conflict resolution skills;
  • Willing to travel (up to 30 to 50% of your time);
  • Mastery of French and English is essential;
  • Have a trainer's certification or demonstrable experience (asset). 

Global reward plan

Since your well-being is our priority, here are a few of our global reward plan we offer:

  • A very competitive vacation policy: after 5 years of pertinent experience, you are entitled to a 4 weeks’ vacation leave from the get go;
  • We’ll reimburse your professional association membership as well as your trainings;
  • A real flexibility for non-billable hours:  you have a family emergency, or working from 20:00 to midnight is the moment you are at your best? No sweat!
  • You need personal time? We offer you 5 mobile/medical obligation days!
  • Want to know more? Let’s have a talk!

You’ve been selected? Here are the next steps:

You’ll receive a very sympathetic and cordial call (mine.. ;)) to validate your availabilities for a first one-o-one discussion with me;

Next, we’ll schedule a video conference, or a face-to-face meeting with one of the managers team, depending on the evolution of the sanitary situation at that time. We’re Agile, we’ll adjust!

Then, administrative process will follow as well as paperwork to fill out, and a decision will be made.

On your starting day, you can be certain that we’ll take care of you and welcome you to a point that balloons and fireworks will be the only things missing!

If our offer resonates so much that you can’t pass on this opportunity, please, send us your resume at msansdagut@pyxis-tech.com or at  carriere@pyxis-tech.com

How do I apply?

Please send your résumé to carriere@pyxis-tech.com