About Revenu Québec

Revenu Québec administers the Québec tax system by ensuring the collection of income tax and collection taxes. It also administers the programs and services that are assigned by the government. It serves over 8 million clients.

To fulfil its mission, Revenu Québec is employing 12,500 employees located in 50 different offices. To carry out its IT projects, Revenu Québec invests 260.7 million dollars yearly and employs approximately 1700 individuals, excluding subcontractors. Its technological asset comprises over 15,000 workstations, 742 servers, 525 software applications, and over 270 mission systems of all sizes.

The challenge

Revenu Québec wishes to offer innovative business solutions that efficiently support the work organization and provision of services. Its target is to gain efficiency, increase the quality of its products, improve its response time to clients at a lower cost, and improve its client service.

To achieve this goal, Revenu Québec adopted Agile approaches for the execution of its IT projects and processes. It also integrated the best software engineering practices.

Our solution

  • Create an Agile transformation office in order to maximize the alignment of and cohesion between all stakeholders
  • Achieve the transformation iteratively and incrementally and adapt it along the way according to what has been learned and feedback received
  • Build an Agile support team with the skills and expertise required to support the entire organization whether for software engineering, work organization, or governance.

What we have done

Provide visibility

Using a project monitoring dashboard that has been quoted as an example by a representative of the Secrétariat du Conseil du trésor.

Equip teams with tools

Implementing an Agile project management framework adapted to the realities of the Agile teams as well as to the planning and government accountability constraints.

Measure the Agility level

Using a measuring tool called QIX to help teams and management measure their Agility level and set continuous improvement targets.

The Agile transformation at Revenu Québec gives the opportunity to completely rethink work environments, performance markers, as well as collaboration and management values.

, Pyxis Organizational Coach

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