Agile transformation and Agility principles

For some time now, L’Oréal Canada’s Consumer Products Division has been considering adopting the principles of Agility to remain competitive on the market and improve its management and execution performance. Mandated by senior management, Anastasia Ivanova, Director of Transformation within the division, alongside Tony Cocoual, Human Resources Director for the division, and Geneviève Compagnat, Learning Director for L’Oréal Canada, were responsible for bringing this project to fruition. Several times recommended by senior management as well as other countries, Pyxis  a reference in the field of Agility, was the right partner to train and support L’Oréal Canada in its Agile transformation. A look back at an exciting project of transformation towards organizational Agility.


L’Oréal Canada, a flagship of the beauty industry, is a company that always strives for excellence and remains on the lookout for best practices. L’Oréal Canada’s interest in business Agility is part of their development logic to empower their employees to better execute brand plans and better serve their retailers and consumers.

Our commitment to bringing Agility to L'Oréal Canada has been around for some time. Pyxis was the ideal partner to accompany us, train our teams and carry out this mission successfully.

Anastasia Ivanova, Transformation Director at L'Oréal Canada Consumer Products Division

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Agile approach, training and distance coaching

Pyxis’ mission: to make L’Oréal Canada’s Consumer Products an Agile division and adopt the principles of Agility to the different teams and departments, serving as a pilot to roll out to other divisions.

A clear mandate, but one that had to deal with the uncertainties and issues related to the COVID crisis. This somewhat unique context led both parties to work closely together and together with the L’Oréal Canada team, we came up with an Agile action plan that respected the client’s schedule and the challenges of conducting such training with remote teams.

“Our commitment to bringing Agility to L’Oréal Canada, and to the Consumer Products Division, has been around for some time. The crisis situation with COVID-19 has allowed us to accelerate the steps taken to establish this culture of Agility within the company. Pyxis  was the ideal partner to accompany us, train our teams and carry out this mission successfully.”, was mentioning Mrs Ivanova.

A three-phase action plan was therefore jointly implemented, combining flexibility and quality to suit all parties involved.


Agile Project Management, Scrum and Kanban

It is thanks to Pawel Mysliwiec’s tremendous energy and expertise that this mission was a success. The first phase consisted of training the division’s managers and directors from various departments communications, HR, marketing, operations, finance, sales) in the Agile Kanban and Scrum project management approaches.

By adopting an Agile and highly flexible approach, we were able to break down the courses and offer a new formula of 6 courses of 90 minutes each. By going to the essentials and offering sound advice that is easy to remember and apply, we were able to adapt our courses to the clients’ schedules, while maximizing their attention.

A successful Agile transformation in three phases

Tailored service offer

Kanban and Scrum Agility and Project Management Training.
A unique formula of 6 classes of 90 minutes each.

Training of the executive team

Coaching and training of managers and directors from various departments (HR, marketing, communication, finance, sales) in Agile approaches.

Initiation to Agility and distance coaching

Conference on Agility for all employees of the division.
Application and adoption of Scrum principles and methodology within teams.

Enhancing Efficiency through Organizational Agility

Pawel and Anastasia then gave a conference on Agility to the entire division to raise awareness and familiarize them with this new culture.

At the time of writing, it is still too early to provide conclusive results on the adoption of the Agile culture within L’Oréal Canada’s Consumer Products Division, but the early results are very encouraging. Many employees Anastasia have shared their enthusiasm for Agility and are already looking forward to integrating Kanban project management and the Scrum methodology into their daily work. The company is giving itself several months to ensure that the entire company adheres to the agile processes and mode of operation.

It is certain that the cooperation between Pyxis and L’Oréal Canada will intensify in the coming months, as we will provide follow-up and personalized coaching as needed to help them successfully transition to a culture of organizational Agility.