About the transformation

Pyxis has been part of transforming one of the biggest organizations managing pension funds in Canada.

In 2013, a first entity of this Investment Fund’s technology sector has set the objective of significantly improving its management of internal clients’ requests as well as the quality and frequency of its deliveries. Since then, the organization has been evolving by integrating Agile approaches’ foundations further and further in the operational strategy.

First within an integration team, then with different teams dedicated to development, operations, architecture, infrastructure and production support; Pyxis has accompanied more than a dozen groups and still does today.

Pyxis’ intervention is characterized by daily coaching of operational teams (local approach) and by supporting managers on the organization’s strategic level (global approach).

The challenges

  • Improve the clients’ confidence in the technological group regarding its ability to provide business lines with solutions that are reliable and adapted to their needs.
  • Apply Agile Scaling approaches while ensuring coherent practices between the different groups.
  • Increase technological teams’ reactivity and flexibility regarding the rapid evolution of business needs.
  • Optimize delivery processes from end-to-end. Bring closer together the carriers of the business needs and the technical entities to work together toward common objectives.
  • Improve communication, collaboration and synchronization between the different work teams.
  • Control risk better within projects and address it faster.

Our solutions

  • Develop custom coaching centred on only a few teams at a time, based on the success of implementing Agility in a first group in 2003.
  • Propose transformation and operation approaches adapted to each entity and trade. Support individuals with the evolution of their roles thanks to the intervention of several Agile coaches in different sectors.
  • Teach Agility to managers and implement change management workshops to define, validate and support the transformations.
  • Formalize and harmonize progressively different Agile Approaches used within teams, especially around major projects involving several groups.
  • Apply and adapt multi-team collaboration and synchronization practices inspired by existing proven Agile Scaling frameworks (ex: SaFE, LeSS, etc.)
  • Support the organization with the implementation of communities of practice favouring collaboration and skills development.

What we did

Predictability and Transparency

Making work visible, giving customers a clear picture and giving ourselves the means to master short cycles in a repeatable way builds trust and greatly facilitates the planning of deliverables of all sizes and complexities.


Empowering teams about their operations and results helps create a work environment both challenging, effective and adaptable to changing technological and business needs.

Continuous improvement

Promote the right to make mistakes, set up frequent and engaging inspection and adaptation practices, create open conversation spaces to apply and evolve best practices.

Right from the beginning, the managers took on the challenge of self-organization. This allowed to rapidly adapt the process and structure through the growth.

, Pyxis Agile Coach

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