About Reptiletech

Founded in 2001, Reptiletech is a web agency specializing in interactive websites, E-commerce, multiplatform solutions and digital marketing in general.

The development team was using a traditional development method and was encountering difficulties in being transparent regarding the projects’ progress as well as the accountability of team members.

The challenge

Reptiletech’s management team wanted to implement Agility in order to get the following benefits:

  • Receive faster feedback from clients to deliver better business solutions
  • Improve risk management when executing projects
  • Increase accountability and commitment of team members
  • Improve transparency about the reality of projects
  • Increase collaboration between groups internally.

The production management team turned to Pyxis to support them in establishing a strategy for implementing Agility and to facilitate the implementation of a sound Agile foundation in the organization.

Our solution

Coaching the management team in order to prepare them for the Agile transition and ensure that all team members share a common understanding and vision, thus facilitating the mobilization of the entire organization regarding the transition project. Here are the objectives of our coaching:

  • Define and communicate the objectives of the Agile transition
  • Identify key people at Reptiletech who should contribute to the preparation of the Agile transition and play the roles of Scrum Master and Product Owner
  • Understand the current development cycle and identify strategies to better incorporate Agile practices
  • Identify strategies for the role of Product Owner and determine how to integrate the involvement of Reptiletech’s clients

Pyxis supported Reptiletech’s Scrum Master to help him better play his role and support all teams in the use of Agile practices. The intervention helped to establish a sound foundation in the teams’ work methods.

What we have done

Client involvement

The frequency and speed of feedback from clients have increased, and the teams are able to make the expected changes over the next iterations.

Better profitability

Reptiletech lowered the additional costs to make necessary modifications to certain products.

Assessment and prioritization

Teams are able to take into account uncertainty and complexity when performing their assessment and prioritization tasks.

The biggest benefit of working with Pyxis is adaptation: they stuck to our realities and offered comprehensive support. They really understood our business issues.

Rémi Bertrand, Production Manager at Reptiletech

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