Initial contacts and first steps to agility

Technicost, a Montreal-based company and pioneer in the creation of credit software, opts for the Scrum methodology and the principles of agility to improve the productivity of its development team.

Founded in 1982, Technicost provides financial software to Canadian financial institutions and cooperatives. Well-established in the industry, its team of computer and financial specialists ensures a progressive and forward-thinking vision of financial software. Technicost is a member of The Co-operators Group Limited.

During the VISION PDG event organized by the AQT, Yves Gagnon, President and CEO of Technicost, meets Martin Landreville, President and CEO of Pyxis. The two men discussed the advantages of Agile methods and this is how Pyxis was given the mandate to support Technicost in its shift towards agility.

This initiative is part of Technicost’s senior management’s desire to adopt efficient work methods to improve the performance of their development team.

During the last quarter of 2019, Pierre Leblanc and Zélia Lefevrbre, two agility coaches at Pyxis, gave a two-day training session to the entire production team at Technicost’s facilities.

The Pyxis training allowed us to accelerate the implementation of the Scrum methodology in our processes leading to a greater flexibility in the development of new applications and new products by our team.

Yves Gagnon, Chief Executive Officer of Technicost

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An introduction to the Scrum method that changed everything

“We had to admit that most members of the team were not very enthusiastic about changing the current methodology,” said Kader Fofana, Scrum master and business analyst at Technicost.

In any change process within an organization, it is normal to observe some resistance from key stakeholders. Here, during this training, apprehensions were addressed and overcome thanks to the expertise of our two coaches. Zélia and Pierre succeeded in breaking down these barriers and accompanying the development team to ensure a smooth transition and a successful training.

At the end of these two days of training, the entire development team was eager to implement the Scrum methodology in their daily operations, which they found perfectly adapted to their needs and situation.

“Once the training was over, the team was eager to apply the techniques learned, there was still a little reluctance for some, but the vast majority was ready to adopt this method of working. ” Kader is delighted.

In the weeks that followed, the first benefits could be seen within the team. Between the introduction of the Daily Scrum meetings and the assignment of the roles of Scrum Master and Product Owner, the team quickly noticed that it was able to increase its delivery rate, involve the entire team and establish processes that were proving to be winning for the success of the department’s operations.

“One of the strengths of the Scrum method is that it gives everyone a voice to express their situation quickly and see if they need help on certain projects. It really changes the dynamic.” explains Kader Fofana.

An introduction to the Scrum method that changed everything.

Application of Scrum

Assignment of Scrum Master and Product Owner roles within the team

Implementation of new processes and adaptation of current projects

Training of the development team

Two days of training and introduction to the Scrum methodology

Support by two Pyxis coaches

Benefits of Scrum methodology

Adoption and thorough application of the Scrum methodology by all employees

Increased productivity, better follow-up and greater development flexibility

Adept of the Scrum method

Adopting a new way of working is not easy. One of the difficulties encountered was adapting current projects (started with the old method) to the Scrum method. If you add to this the period of containment due to COVID-19, the stakes are high for the application of a new way of working.

But here again, the Scrum methodology has proven its effectiveness, in fact, even remotely, the holding of the Daily Scrum allowed the company to get through this crisis without having too much impact on the company.

“We must recognize that thanks to the Scrum methodology, Technicost was able to get through the COVID-19 crisis by continuing to deliver our mandates, respecting the sprint and keeping each member involved, which once again proves the effectiveness of the Scrum methodology. ” says Kader Fofana.

“The Pyxis training helped accelerate the implementation of the Scrum methodology in our processes. While ensuring a better follow-up, it gives greater flexibility in the development of new applications and new products by the team members. “, Yves Gagnon, President and CEO of Technicost.

“As in any organizational transformation, rigor and time are the two factors of success. “Pyxis agile coach

The success of Technicost‘s agile transformation is due primarily to its team, which has adopted the principles of agility and applied the Scrum methodology with rigor. Of course, in this kind of transformation time is a factor and, to use a famous expression, Rome was not done in a day; therefore, it is essential to set goals that can be achieved over time. Technicost’s agile shift has had an impact far beyond the development team, as the marketing and finance teams also participate in the Daily Scrum meetings. This is a great way for them to keep abreast of project progress and internal developments.