About Pyxis Cultures

We believe in contributing to a greater cause and making a difference by cultivating collaborative purposeful organizations.

We do this by connecting with people, building trusting relationships and creating safe spaces for change and learning. We redefine leadership to include each member of the team, allowing people to step into their personal leadership space.

We enable the missing conversations that provoke new possibilities and inspire teams to work towards their shared purpose. We help teams build and align their individual and collective capacity so that change sticks.

We are not just another consulting firm, we are a niche consulting boutique specialized in Agility and organizational culture. We work closely with you to create lasting change in your organization because we care about your business, your projects and your employees.

We are passionate about organizational culture, both our clients' and our own. We call forth workspaces that inspire and engage. We are... Pyxis Cultures.

We adapt our interventions

to your context and specific needs.


Agile/organizational culture assessments

    Are you looking to adopt agile practices in your organization but you are not sure where to begin? Do you have agile teams and you want an objective opinion of how they can improve?

    Through meeting observations and individual interviews, we help you to learn about the realities of your teams and your organization. We then share with you a portrait of your organization through our observations and recommendations in order to help you reach your objectives.

Agile team coaching

    Are you new to agile practices in your organization? Do you have agile practices in place and are now looking to take your teams to the next step?

    We work with your management teams to help them create a change management plan and understand their roles in an agile world.

    We coach your teams to better implement and use agile practices. We help them focus on delivering value more rapidly and we support them in becoming a self-organized team.

Integral team coaching

    Are you working outside of the software development world and are looking for a way to develop your teams?

    Using an integral coaching approach and a mix of individual and team coaching sessions, we help teams increase their cohesiveness and collaboration to allow them to rapidly deliver value to your business.

Agile training

We offer a wide range of Agile training sessions for audience ranging from managers to software development teams.

Our course catalog includes:

  • Professional Scrum training courses from Scrum.org;
  • Management courses;
  • An introduction to agile approaches;
  • Scrum through practice;
  • ... and more.

Custom training

We offer custom leadership training to help leaders at various levels of your organization grow.

Training calendar


Team workshops

We offer a range of half-day or full-day workshops to help teams learn to collaborate and grow.

Our workshops cover topics such as:

  • The five dysfunctions of a team;
  • Change management;
  • Team collaboration;
  • ... abd more.

On-site conferences

Looking to introduce some agile knowledge or new leadership concepts in your organization? We offer experienced public speakers that can come speak in your organization.

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