Launched in Lausanne in 2011, Pyxis Switzerland lives Agile values and applies Agile practices on a daily basis.

Here is what’s guiding its team everyday :

  • Individuals and their interactions;
  • Working software;
  • Customer collaboration;
  • Responding to change.

    The passionate professionals of Pyxis Switzerland influence and lead organizations that wish, like them, to be at the cutting edge of the market in their behaviors, their values and their ways.

  • Consulting

    To guide you through your journey toward an innovative and performing organization, we offer the following services :

    • Implementation of Agile methods (Scrum, Kanban, Lean, etc.) for the execution of your projects and the improvement of your processes;
    • Coaching organizations, teams and individuals;
    • Scrum Masters integrated in your teams;
    • Supporting Product Owners, Scrum Masters and development teams;
    • Audits and evaluations.
    • Our Agile coachs help you really materialize the advantages of Agility throughout your organization by creating a stimulating work environment and encouraging self-organization of the teams.

      Pyxis Switzerland works with you on two aspects that are essential to the success of Agility : an Agile framework and team dynamics.

      Our coachs offer a unique added value that represents the DNA of Pyxis Switzerland. They attend advanced trainings on Agile approaches, Integral coaching and human psychology to be more than simple consultants.

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    Our training offer allows anyone who wants to discover or deepen his knowledge of Agility, to be better equipped in the adoption of Agile methods.

    Our trainers are also experienced coachs that hand down the most recent and recognized practices. They share their experience acquired in the different contexts of their mandates.

    Our practical approach is ideal for experimenting and integrating new concepts. Moreover, we are the only company to have official Scrum.org trainers in French-speaking Switzerland.

    An overview of the courses we offer:

    • Scrum.org trainings (PSM and PSPO)
    • Introduction to Agility
    • Management 3.0
    • Trainings tailored to your needs

    Training calendar
    Our most popular classes
    Management 3.0

    The Management 3.0 training course allows to understand different ways to support the organization and manage it with leadership in order to get the most from this approach.

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    Professional Scrum Master

    Acquire the Scrum Master’s skills and knowledge in order to maximize the value and productivity of your team. This course allows those who wish to apply Scrum to understand its mechanics and implications.

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    Professional Scrum Product Owner

    Maximize the return on investment (ROI) and optimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your products and systems.

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