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Accelerate your business performance to meet evolving market needs

Your company’s most valuable asset is no longer just your order book or working capital—it’s also your resilience. It’s the ability, the agility, that allows your company to adapt to market changes and customer needs by constantly optimizing performance.

Accelerating performance for our clients, this is what we do. We quickly realized that the primary benefit of Agile management (a method we practically invented 20 years ago) was the acceleration and amplification of the return on investment to be achieved by constantly improving processes and eliminating internal and external friction points.

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  • Proven results. Imagine these.

    Increase in your productivity rate


    Increase in efficiency


    Faster time to market

    These statistics are not our own. They come from large, reputable management firms. Firms that, after noticing the immense potential of this management method over the past 10 years, are now offering it to their own international clients.

    Numbers are nice, facts are better.
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    A concrete approach, focused on the real needs of business leaders

    Our approach differs by being more entrepreneurial, more concrete. It derives from practical experimentation applied within our own companies.

    Pyxis originated as a technology development studio. Integrating an Agile approach, we were able to identify a positive impact on our own performance and then fine-tune it.

    Today, we help entrepreneurs integrate this concrete method into their own business. In doing so, we have become the Quebec leader in Agile entrepreneurial training with offices now in France, Belgium and Switzerland. Done.

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    Our three pillars of intervention

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    An entrepreneurial approach

    Our approach is not simply theoretical. We have refined it over years to optimize the growth of our businesses. In fact, we continue to apply (and improve) it daily.

      Collaboration with Pyxis means:

    • A human approach that focuses on people and their ability to generate value through collaboration
    • A la carte services tailored to your current needs
    • 100% involvement from our experienced managers. They will treat your business like their own.
    • Access to senior management at all times
    • Innovative remuneration model options, including risk sharing.
    • The possibility of choosing innovative compensation models, such as risk sharing, among others

    A method focused on generating rapid results

      Like you, we won’t wait. We are not opposed to organizational changes, but we want to see a rapid return on investment.

      This is exactly what our approach delivers:

    • Working methods focused on the constant generation of results, rather than tasks to be accomplished
    • Practical and proven adaptation of the Agile methodology to meet specific business needs
    • Implementation of services and actions suited to your actual needs. You decide, not us.
    • Improved financial performance across your organization
    • Accelerated time to market
    • A collaborative and interdepartmental approach. The company’s performance is everyone’s business, not just the CEO’s.

    Constant drive to deliver value across the enterprise

    Why wait until the very end to generate value when every step can (and should) generate immediate value?

    • Diagnosis and evaluation
    • Optimization of operational and production processes
    • A clear action plan endorsed by all
    • Optimized management at every level
    • Constant monitoring of ROI
    • Continuous process enhancement
    • Team mobilization
    • Technological optimization
    • Customized training

    Our commitment to bringing Agility to L'Oréal Canada has been around for some time. Pyxis was the ideal partner to accompany us, train our teams and carry out this mission successfully.

    Anastasia Ivanova, Transformation Director at L'Oréal Canada Consumer Products Division.

    Meet the consulting team

    Omar Bermudez

    Vice President, Consulting Services

    Former McKinsey & Company digital and agile expert, Omar is an effective integrator. With large experience in strategy, manufacturing, operations and engineering, Omar gives clients powerful insights to produce profitable growth.

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    Yanic Ménard

    Vice President, Sales and Marketing

    Yanic has worked on the development and implementation of strategic plans and integrated marketing programs in a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, telecom and consumer products.

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    Jean-François Biron

    Digital Transformation Leader

    Jean-François joined the Pyxis consulting team with the firm intention of putting to the test the knowledge acquired throughout his academic path.

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    Mamun Morshed

    Digital Specialist

    Mamun has helped organizations to achieve strategic objectives, such as a 33% increase in sales and 50% reduction in inventory lead time.

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    Edison Espinoza

    Digital Specialist

    He uses Agile principles and values to help organizations grow & succeed by empowering leaders and teams to be more adaptive, creative & resilient in their business growth strategies.

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    Mario Lucero

    Digital Specialist

    Mario is an Agile Expert with more than 20 years of experience in IT, who helps organizations deliver high-quality software with predictability and value.

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    Manuel Peña

    Digital Specialist

    Manuel has over 10 years of experience working in technology leading teams and organizations towards the delivery of value.

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