About Participatory Agility

Allowing ‘what is’ as a starting position is one of the most advanced practice humanity can embrace. Generative capacity building is possible when we can be transparent to our own intention.

We support Participatory Agility practices with organizational architecture, communication processes and governance structures. We wish to transform workplaces from merely instruments of capital production to centers of social, political and economic change for all people to flourish.

We are practitioners who support the transformation of your workplace. We provide individual coaching and team performance development that are targeted for Lean and Agile organizations.

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Organizational Architecture

Release Complexity

Release complexity by shifting to a new view.

Shifting to an open participatory view releases complexity and reveals more elegant solutions.

Communications Processes

Distribute Intelligence

Designing a meta-language for setting critical thresholds.

Smart responses made by the people closest to the situation and most affected by the outcome.

Governance Structures

Evolve Governance

Governance is stable and changing at the same time.

Governance that serves as driver, not the constraint of organizational transformation.

Participatory Agility is the practice of enacting generative capacity building for self and others, in the context in which we find ourselves.

Why, what and how?

Organizational culture is shifting from fixed hierarchical structures to fluid adaptive architectures that mimic the natural order of living systems. We want to accelerate this shift with practical tools, hands-on consulting and coaching services.

Old power relies on centralization, managerialism, secrecy, exclusivity, and competition. It is depleted by wasted energy and overburdened with top-heavy infrastructures. New power is distributed through agile, smart and responsive teams, collaborative enterprises, transparent communications platforms, open information technologies, and fully networked operations.

We want to support adaptive, responsive, self-organizing, and evolutionary methods. We aim for open communication with transparency and involvement among all stakeholders.