Up to 60% of subsidized registration costs

The business component of the PACME-COVID-19 has reached its maximum financial capacity.

To continue helping Quebec and Canadian companies train their teams to face the new challenges that await them. We are offering until September 30 a subsidy that can cover up to 60% of the registration costs for a large part of our virtual training courses (see list below).

We are entering a new era where our methodologies, approaches and the way we do things are set to evolve deeply and rapidly. More than ever, it is important to be prepared to face the new challenges that lie ahead.


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Support the canadian economy

This offer is intended for Canadian residents only. The grant will be awarded, among other things, based on the number of participants and the selected training courses. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Pyxis Aid Program

Our subsidy can cover up to 60% of the registration costs for many of our most popular virtual training courses.

How to participate?

On single step: choose from our most popular Agile courses below and let us know how many participants you want to train.

Agile training eligible for subsidy

– Agile architecture, analysis and modelization

– Agile Lean through practice

– Agile for manager

– Agile Approaches and Scrum Project Management

– Agile Approaches and Kanban Management

Agile retrospectives through practice

– Graphic Facilitation

Virtual facilitation – Adaptation to Remote Work

Scrum through practice

Agile Scaling

Facilitation in times of conflict

Introduction to facilitation

– Meet the Scrum Product Owner

– Advanced Agile and Object Oriented Development Practices

– Clean Code

– Project Management with Jira

Professional DevOps

TDD – Test Driven Development

– BDD – Behavior Driven Development


Please contact us for any request for personalised training.

Strengthen your teams and improve your productivity

Each of the above training courses will enable you to create a competitive advantage for your company and improve the efficiency of your teams. If you don’t know which ones to choose, contact us to discuss with one of our trainers who will guide you in your choices.



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