Alexandre Thibault

Agile Consultant

After more than fifteen years in software development, Alexandre has been an Agile Coach for several years. Originally from Quebec, he has been living in Paris for many years and he leads the Enjoy Agile and We Open Space communities thanks to Slack collaborative tools and Meetup events.

He loves practising Agility in service of his clients by balancing between a presence allowing speech, transformation and awareness and the presence of a guide who advises, suggests and invites. He likes to use Host Leadership:  a stance that makes each participant the star of a co-constructed moment lived together. In other words, he loves to help others unveil the beauty of their talent and make it shine, in the collective space. His cup of tea is organizing Opens Spaces for communities or businesses (Open Space Agility).

We cannot teach people anything, we can only help them discover that they already have everything to learn in themselves.

—   Galileo