Atta Emami

Organizational coach

Participating in the world of business and IT since 1996, Atta brings a blended mixture of leadership presence, business strategy, and advanced technological expertise to create highly efficient Agile and Lean technological organizations. His core focus is on how to facilitate transformational change for organizations, teams, and individuals. To this end, he can share his multinational experience and multidisciplinary background in organizational change, project portfolio management, and IT operations acquired in organizations from both the private and public sectors as well as his background in transformational leadership and executive coaching.

Atta believes that we are better together and that a strongly allied and aligned relationship within the senior leadership is required for achieving breakthrough results. He has implemented numerous transformational changes and governance programs within the health, insurance, and financial industries; from small startups to multinational corporations with a presence in over 90 countries.

Atta's blog posts on Agile Know-How:

Together we can achieve breakthrough results!

—   Atta Emami